A picture leaked how hard-working Xiaomi it is for Xiaomi MAX Press Release


The weekend in the morning, I believe most people are at rest, but Xiaomi Max will be released in two days, Xiaomi staff didn’t have a rest. According to Xiaomi Marketing Representative, Tony has showed a photo that Xiaomi CEO,Lei Jun has ended the first rehearsal of Xiaomi Max press conference with their staff. It is full of applause, and laughter.

We can see Lei Jun is one the most hard working bosses in Chinese smartphones line. But yesterday, Lei Jun has released several photos of Xiaomi Max, which were shooted by the colleague, He thought the phone is not so good. But according to the pictures of Xiaomi Max, it shows plate, fixed telephone, typewriter, etc. The boss didn’t explain where is not good enough, Maybe the background didn’t show the big screen of xiaomi max.

So what do you think? Just wait for more on May 10.


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