A Review of the Meross Smart WiFi LED Strip 10M: “Brightening Up Your Space:


Some time ago, I received the 10m Smart LED Strip Lights from Meross. This has both advantages and disadvantages. You can get all the information in today’s review.

The Chinese company Meross is currently one of the busiest HomeKit device manufacturers. New products that can be integrated into and controlled by your Apple system appear almost weekly. One of these devices is the 10m long Lightstrip ( Amazon link ), which is currently available for 45.99 euros. You can find out what there is to know about the Lightstrip below.


The Meross Smart WiFi LED Strip package, contains two 5-meter strips, a control center, a power adapter, ten mounting clips, and two connecting joints. This is all standard equipment you get with every LED strip, so don’t look for any obstacles here.

The control panel has one button and the possibility of connecting both tapes separately. The maximum length of videos related to one controller is 100 meters, which will surely be enough even in a large household. What pleases me is the adhesive layer on the underside of the tape so that you can attach it directly to the place of your choice.


The power supply is a 210-220 volt plug-in power supply, which regulates the voltage down to 12 volts. The power supply is connected to the WLAN – RGB controller, and the LED – Stripes are connected to the appropriate plugs. There is also a button on the controller for manual switching on and off. The LEDs are 2.5 cm apart. The tape can be shortened accordingly, and there are 30 LEDs per meter. The plug-in power supply is plugged into a free socket, and the stripes go into setup mode.

Easy To Install

Installation is quite simple. Just stretch the strips where you want to enjoy their light, and then connect them to the control panel. Here I have one complaint about the connection itself because you only slide the right end of the tape into the controller. You must be careful that, for example, the strap does not slip from the controller during careless handling.

After plugging in and resetting the control, you can jump straight into pairing with the Meross app. You would be surprised if your pair aired a smart product with raised. But if it’s your first time, the application will guide you through all the steps. The LED strip can be connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi network, which is a reasonable choice given the maximum range.


The Meross Smart WiFi LED Strip has a maximum brightness of 300 lumens and offers up to 16 million color combinations within the RGB scheme. The tape is bright in practice, and the colors are exemplarily saturated. The manufacturer does not mention whether the LED strip is waterproof, so I would be careful when using it in damp areas or outdoors.

Scenes can also be set within the application, which will allow you to control several lights at once, or set up routines that turn off and on the LED strip at a predetermined time (or at sunset and dawn) or allow the strip to turn off automatically after a certain time after switching on. My favorite setting was to turn on the LED strip after dusk and turn it off automatically after 5 hours. I was frustrated by not being able to set any of my saved effects as a routine.


The Meross app also allows you to select one of five predefined effects or create your effects. The predefined effects are named Night, Reading, Working, Relaxing, and Party and are self-explanatory. However, relaxing and partying are only real effects since an automatic color change occurs, and the others display preset brightness and colors.

When creating your effects, you can give the newly created product a name, select the colors displayed one after the other, and set the brightness and flashing mode. Blink mode offers a choice of static (solid light), blinking (as the name suggests), and breath (dimming more slowly before changing color).

One thing that needs to be mentioned is the multicolored glow I’ve highlighted so far. Although Meross initially stated so, and the (old) product images and packaging indicated that the Lightstrip could display several colors simultaneously, this has yet to be the case. There is no way to simultaneously have the light strip light up in several colors via HomeKit or the Meross app. In the meantime, there is no longer any statement from Meross, and the product images and the packaging design have been redesigned.

The LED stripes are sufficiently bright. (Manufacturer’s specification 550 lumens per meter) They represent the colors well, which can be changed using a virtual setting wheel in the app. Different light colors per stripe cannot be described. (no color gradients or rainbow effects) The light intensity can be adjusted from 0% to 100% accordingly. The functions are rudimentary but sufficient for normal use.


However, the great advantage of the Meross Smart WiFi LED Strip is its cooperation with all relevant smart home standards. The LED strip is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings. Whatever you use, the Meross Smart WiFi LED Strip will likely fit into your setup.

Although you can connect the LED strip to practically any smart home, keep the separate application. I’ve been using the Meross Smart WiFi LED Strip within Google Home, and when it comes to in-app settings, Google needs to use the strip’s full potential.

It can reliably turn it off and on or change the color and intensity via voice command. For more complex settings, I recommend using the application from the manufacturer.


The Meross Smart WiFi LED Strip is a smart LED strip that will bring your smart home to life. As part of smart lighting, it can be a practical backlight, for example, at the corners of the bed or in the wardrobe, and a great addition to the atmosphere in front of the TV. There are certainly no limits to the imagination when using it.

The advantages of Meross Smart WiFi LED Strip are simple installation, reliable operation, precise application, support of all relevant smart home standards, and an excellent price. The disadvantage is the lack of a lock connecting the tape to the controller, water resistance, and a less smooth transition during the pulsation effect.

But still, If you are looking for LED stripes without any frills and at a reasonable price, you have come to the right place. The length of 10 meters should be emphasized again, which exceeds the size of other manufacturers. You can get it on Amazon at just $45.99.

Final words

The Meross Smart WiFi LED Strip is a great option for those looking to add a touch of color and smart functionality to their home. One of the standout features of this LED strip is its compatibility with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing for easy voice control. The strip is also compatible with the Meross app, enabling remote control and scheduling.

One of the things to note is that the strip is cuttable, which means the user can cut and adjust it to the perfect size for their space. Another thing to consider is that the strip is designed for indoor use only.

In terms of brightness and color options, the Meross Smart WiFi LED Strip offers 16 million colors to choose from, and the brightness can be easily adjusted through the app or with voice commands.

Overall, the Meross Smart WiFi LED Strip is a great choice for those looking to add a touch of color and smart functionality to their home. Just be aware that the strip is designed for indoor use only, is cuttable, and needs to be adjusted to fit your space.

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