A Young Brand – XIDU – Hits the Laptop Market by Incredible Yoga PhilBook Max


More and more computer manufacturers have emerged in recent years, while the newcomer – XIDU – successfully attracts the favor of users, particularly computer lovers. As a new laptop manufacturer in China, XIDU has launched several excellent laptops such as XIDU 11.6-inch PhilBook, 13.3-inch PhilPad, 11.6-inch Yoga PhilBook, and 12.5-inch Tour laptop. Being a young brand, XIDU has won the great support of users via its excellent performance and affordable price. For More information visit on XIDU Store

These products that have been launched with affordable price are even better than those released by other well-known brands. In addition, according to the latest information, XIDU is planning to release a new model – PhilBook Max – in early 2019. What functions will this new creative PC bring to users? Let’s have the answers.

Compared with the latest 11.6-inch PhilBook, the PhilBook Max is equipped with a larger 14.1-inch FHD IPS screen. Besides real, smooth, vivid colors, 720p camera and 4.9mm ultra-narrow display, it is more surprising to watch the multi-touch screen, meaning that you can use the PhilBook Max, just like a smart mobile phone. Open a broader smart world by fingers! For an emerging laptop brand, it is hard to realize such a function because the vast majority of popular laptops aren’t touchable. But now, such design adopted by PhilBook Max can truly help you release your hands, enhance interaction and make you enjoy an immersive experience.

Equipped with the advanced Yoga design, XIDU PhilBook Max is featured by the combination of laptop and tablet and can be rotated 360°. Such incredible 2-in-1 design caters to different demands of users on various situations and makes users switch between business notebook and leisure tablet, which can improve work efficiency and flexibility to the largest extent.

Exteriorly, the PhilBook Max comes with a metal case. Its deep space gray painting shows mature commerce image and generous fashion. In spite of metal PC, its weight and thickness are striking, respectively 1.39kg and 16.4mm. Thanks to it’s lightweight and ultra-thickness, PhilBook Max can meet different using demands.

PhilBook Max adopts backlit keyboard to further avoid type fatigue at night. The inserted white LED in the keyboard can light up the buttons for clearer night vision, which provides precise lightness to avoid light leaking, reflecting, or even sight interference. It is quite convenient for users who handle office during nighttime.

It is surprising to see the Max version of the processor up to 2.5GHz. XIDU also expands the 4GB+64GB storage to 6GB+128GB, which makes it smoother and quicker to handle multithread tasks. As we all know, win-win cooperation makes the result double successful, so does the PhilBook Max. The PhilBook Max enables users to start within a few seconds, store and read files quickly which are attributed to 14nm process, dual-core Intel CPU up to 2.5GHz and the 128GB solid-state-disk. With these excellent designs, it also ensures a long service life.

What do you think of this XIDU Yoga laptop and tablet PhilBook Max? Wait for its unveiling in March. For More information visit on XIDU Store

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