ACCSOON A1 Review: an 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Sale on @TOMTOP (Coupon Inside)


Today We are talking about the Gimbal, The ACCSOON A1 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer offering 360° rotation along all three axes. It offers power-on when installed upside down, continuous rotation along the pan axis, and manual, non-stop circular rotation along the tilt and roll axes.


The ACCSOON A1 3-axis has an innovative design that enhances an impeccable posture since it is manufactured with all the necessary stabilizers to give it a firm position. It is available in a single color, black, and although this allows you to look elegant from beginning to end, we must mention that in this aspect they have been somewhat short, since there is literally no personalization, so we have to conform only with this option. This gimbal has 3 axes that allow it to rotate up to 360 degrees and the motors of the same have automotive-grade magnetic encoders that can detect a displacement of 0.02 degrees. At the top, just where the camera is located, has some screws easily accessible, these offer us the function of quick release, so we can adjust our camera without any problem and at the same time release, it will be even easier. This gimbal has dimensions of: 18.2 * 24.6 * 38cm / 7.1 * 9.7 * 15″ and a weight of: 1250g / 2.7Lbs, being extremely light and comfortable to use. The package includes camera control cables for Sony/Canon/Panasonic, EVA carrying bag, up to 80kg load-bearing mini tripod.


The ACCSOON A1 3-axis is literally compatible with all types of cameras that are in the following weight range: 2.5KG Massive Payload and at most your lens should be 70mm, beyond these parameters it is not guaranteed that the In the end, we can control both the focus and the shutter of the security system through the interface that is located on the handle of the gimbal. The user only needs to start Auto Tuning after mounting camera/change lens, then the built-in machine learning algorithm will achieve optimum settings in 10s. 3-Axis can reach 360° unlimited rotation. Combining dual IMU systems & advanced attitude algorithm, the static stability accuracy of A1 can reach 0.005°. A1 is the world’s first gimbal that supports power-on when installed upside down, this function is really useful when putting A1 on a jib or another platform. It supports Handheld, Underslung, and Flashlight operation modes. It allows you to achieve motion control, time lapse, ultra wide-angle, panorama and upgrade through a smartphone APP, so you can run free with your innovative ideas. Quick & Easy – Tool-free, the balance can be adjusted in the 60s. Using for Manfrotto standard quick release plate, A1 allows camera quick installation to A1 or tripod. Long Runtime The 6400mAh high energy efficient rechargeable batteries gives A1 max. runtime up to 15h, to meet one-day shooting needs. When the gimbal power goes off, the motor will gradually decrease the power until complete shutdown, this can avoid collisions between camera/lens and gimbal.


The ACCSOON A1 3-axis Handheld Gimbal offers unlimited 360° rotation along all three axes: pan, tilt, and roll. It supports up to 2.5kg loads, which includes most mirrorless and DSLR cameras, and features four operational modes and a flat, 4-way control joystick. You can but it from TOMTOP at $406.8 with this Coupon Code: HY30ACG


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