ACGAM G-402 The Actual 10000 DPI Superior Gaming Mouse Unboxing Review


The Pc VS console debate rages on but if you’ve ever ditched your controller for a mouse and keyboard, you may probably have seen simply how precise you average computer gamer’s input gadgets are. it’s a small surprise, then, that there are dozens of various manufacturers vying for computer game enthusiasts’ coins by providing especially-tuned peripherals. Mechanical keyboards are all the rage, however, gaming mice are equally as sought-after.

ACGAM is a famous brand new in gaming history and because these days its fashions and editions seem high-quality to retain its popular line and ACGAM G402 Gaming Mouse is considered one of them. even though it does not include all capabilities viable, it consists of better velocity, higher sensitivity laser sensor, loads of programmable buttons and 32 bit ARM processor consequently it has everything needed for a pro-gaming performance. Its key capabilities encompass.G402 capabilities advanced PMW3325 optical gaming sensor coupled with ACGAM advanced technology. The fusion generation is basically accelerometer era. G402 additionally has onboard memory and makes use of Omron switches. The mouse is good for claw or Palm grip and the buttons are positioned very smartly.

Brand: ACGAM
Type: Mouse With Cable
Material: ABS
Black color
Mouse Type: Ergonomic
Resolution: 500/1000/2000/3000/5000/10000 DPI
Number of buttons: 7 buttons
Orientation of the hand: right
Switches: OMRON game switches
Software profiles: 5 configurable profiles
Color options:
Customizable RGB color options
Probe speed: 1000 Hz / 1 ms
Mouse: Teflon pads feet
Cable: 1,8 m
IPS braided fiber .: Up to 100
Maximum Acceleration: 20 G
Interface: USB Gold-plated USB2.0 / 3.0 Interface
Suitable for: PC
Macro Express Mouse Compatible: YES
System Support: Windows 2000/7/8 / 8.1 / 10 / XP / Vista / ME / MAC OSX
Product Weight: 119 g (cable not included)
package weight: 200g
product Size (length x width x height): 12.1 x 7.3 x 4.10 cm / 4.76 x 2.87 x 1.61 inch
Format package (L x W x H): 12.7 x 10.6 x 4.5 cm / 5 x 4.17 x 1.77
in Package content
1 x ACGAM G402 game mouse
1 x CD driver
1 manual english / French / Spanish / Italian / Japanese / German

Courtesy OF ACGAM

First of all, I need to thanks, ACGAM which can give us a chance to check and serve there customer to study of this splendid new increase ACGAM G402 Gaming Mouse you can without difficulty purchase it on AMAZON just with the price of EUR19.98.


first of all the ACGAM, G402 Gaming Mouse is coming for us in a simple field in the box we are able to discover a 1 ACGAM G402 Gaming Mouse, 1 consumer manual guide, 1 CD for deploy the software that assists you to set you manually DPI and color setting.

Design & Appearance OF The ACGAM G-402 Gaming Mouse

primary areas wherein ACGAM G402 does not impresses is its layout. sleek and matte black plastic blend is sincerely not ugly however nor is all of it that attractive. it’s miles all a chunk all around the premium cloth is used on this mouse. there is not one of the Aluminum of 1.8 m of braided fiber used in this version to make it appear the various other premium mice obtainable. despite the fact that the cable is pretty long and comparatively kink-loose, it’s miles undeniable rubber. In phrases of design, ACGAM G402 is just like a reasonably-priced Knockoff from China.

The ACGAM G-402 gives a combination of matte and sleek plastic with a slightly hard plastic and a bit grip below the thumb. The backlight is unobtrusive with a G illuminating at the palm rest and three LEDs to suggest which DPI profile is energetic. The mouse is fairly long (12.1 cm), at the same time as its height (4.10 cm) and its width (7.3 cm) make it a cozy model to handle, with first-rate facets to dam the palms and make certain a firm grip. Spider posture or palms glued to the mouse, you pick, both taken in hand are possible.

although ACGAM G-402 appearance the part is finding it maximum absolutely feels it. Matt finish feels perfect underneath your palm and fingers and the contouring is almost ideal. Now exactly there may be a generally a degree of private desire whilst it’s far from ergonomics however to us ACGAM G-402 perfectly nails it. G402 is slimmer and longer than Corsair M45. It’s elongated lightly curved top segment perfectly supports your palm and fingers finely whenever you need greater cozy function and on the equal time scalloped, rubberized sides offer a very company grip while shifting mouse with little finger and thumb.

With 119 grams on the scale, the mouse is exceptionally weighted. You can’t have an impact on your weight. Gliding is supplied by using 4 Teflon pads, two essential the front and rear and two smaller on each aspect of the sensor. The mouse slides perfectly, both on tissue and on silicone.With 7 buttons, the mouse gives some possibilities of shortcuts and macros. using mechanical switches offers an unequaled responsiveness and clicks are excellent and nicely-acquired.the latter is likewise a bit harsh, probably to keep away from going to some distance inside the choice of guns in play, but it turns out a piece too difficult for net surfing. eventually, we additionally remorse the absence of side buttons for scrolling horizontally on the wheel.Flared phase below thumb grip genuinely helps thumb to keep away from slide off. comparatively, metallic collection Senseis finely flat sides could almost motive thumb to slip beneath mouse.more subtle tweaks include chamfered corners spherical mouse base that assist you to make sure mouse does no longer dig into your mouse mat. unique interference while rapidly transferring and elevating the mouse in First man or woman capturing games.

Performance & Features OF The high-tech emblem ACGAM-402 Gaming Mouse

like several appropriate self-respecting gamers, the ACGAM G-402 communicates with the computer at a frequency of a thousand Hz for max accuracy in motion. notice that if you apply it to a modest device – you in no way realize … – it’ll now not hesitate to decrease the frequency to 500 Hz, or maybe 125 Hz, as a way to be greater than sufficient for workplace automation or strategy video games.It is not without a doubt possible to take the phrase ACGAM to recognize if the G402 is the fastest mouse in the world, however it nevertheless cash 4.8 m / s in our check with our little arms, which is basically above the essential moves in video games to manipulate his viewfinder. The optical sensor of the mouse will no longer be faulted at some stage in your video games.

The hybrid sensor at the ACGAM G-402 works properly on any floor we’ve got examined, even on the more distinguished aluminum and frosted glass pads, there aren’t any hangers or dropouts. as with any modern-day mouse, we can select between 125 and 1000 Hz USB polling costs within the motive force. For quality overall performance, you must usually choose the best maximum polling charge, as the computer updates the position of the mouse pointer less frequently at decrease values.

This mouse is flawless in terms of its buttons. Buttons are pretty responsive and click instantly as a substitute being stodgy and delayed feedback. the position of the buttons changed into also very perfect. the 2 major buttons and scrolling wheel fall honestly into its place. There also are ahead and again buttons which sit just above your thumb. these areas near as viable nonetheless are not at risk of an unexpected hit.

similarly, 2 buttons that are located to left facet of left click button are for DPI adjustment and they’re quite a whole lot less complicated to attain and nevertheless do not get into the manner of each other. they may be so much good that our reviewers changed their thoughts about more than one DPI settings. For long it has been agreed upon that most if no longer all of the time there may be 500/a thousand/2000/3000/5000/ten thousand DPI settings, i.e. gradual to fast and while gaming and having a button for DPI switching is all that is wanted. however, so clean did we find ACGAM G402’s buttons that we ended up frequently switching between multiple DPI settings.

that is a very amazing series of capabilities and performance however whilst you communicate about extras, ACGAM G402 isn’t always humming very loudly. For the ones folks who see a point to such functions, they’ll actually miss the weight cartridges device, that is to be had in ACGAM G502. There isn’t any adjustability of mouse shape or integrated reminiscence to save your profile settings to use it on one of a kind computer systems where the user can’t installation driver.

The ACGAM G402 is, really, one of the most state-of-the-art portions of gaming equipment for first-person shooters. however, even the most devoted game enthusiasts occasionally use their pc for casual functions. That’s why I tested the G402 in each eventuality and I am happy to tell you, men, that it accomplished admirably in both gaming and day to day activities.

it’s wonderful you may now not come across any difficulties in terms of appearing high-precision responsibilities be it a headshot or a picture cropping. The mouse is suitable for average-length fingers, the buttons are smooth to attain, the DPI switching is rapid and clean. The latter is a comfort you will appreciate with regards to entering into and out of sniping mode.

Software Programming OF ACGAM G-402 Gaming Mouse

To get quality shape ACGAM G402 you need to install in CD its gaming software to be able to will let you alternate buttons characteristic, exchange polling fee, best track DPI, adjust logo mild, and even check how rapid you could circulate your mouse. this is alternatively humorous due to the fact whilst we try we located that to reach close to 100ips, for example, 500ips, is determined to move so furiously there may be no way gamers should even cross close to the warmth of battle. this means greater flexibility is usually welcome.

The mouse is geared up with four low-friction plastic feet that ensure its clean gliding across a huge range of surfaces. The G402 has an optical sensor and gives a max DPI of ten thousand. well, that’s an awful lot uper than what maximum of its competitors provide, but I trust it might meet the wishes of most FPS players. under the hood, the mouse sports activities a 32-bit ARM processor that gives top-notch monitoring speeds you could quality-music thru the software.

As for the opposite functions, they’re nothing out of the regular. I suggest you’ll have all functions a gamer might want, at your fingertips but nothing too crazy. you could regulate the emblem brightness and lighting fixtures patterns, tinker the DPI settings, application buttons, and many others.Having stated that the ACGAM Gaming software program stays one of the satisfactory presently in life. It scans your device and creates a profile of the games you very own. Then, you may assign in-recreation capabilities to each button the mouse possesses.If I have to factor one serious fault with the software program, it might be the dearth of built-in sports library meaning you need to devote a while to manually software your most-used commands.

My Verdict OF ACGAM G-402 & Availability

There are pretty some differences between the ACGAM G402 and the G502. the previous is higher optimized for first man or woman shooters, whilst the latter is an all-purpose gaming mouse. additionally, the ACGAM G502 is extensively heavier than the G-402 (specifically if you don’t forget the extra weights), which means the G-402 is the better alternative for FPS matches. The G-402 has a total of 7 buttons, however, I don’t agree with FPS players would be absolutely impressed with the aid of that. To wrap up, if you turn among genres often, the AMAZON is the better choice, if you are an entirely fps participant, cross for the G-402.

ACGAM has executed a wonderful task freeing a first-rate mouse that is ideal for FPS game enthusiasts. It weighs the mild 119 grams without cable, the buttons are well-spaced out and the DPI shift button is available in reachable, too. The 32-bit processor and the onboard storage make an appropriate match for first character shooter fanatics.The ACGAM G402 Gaming Mouse gained me over with the respectable range of features, the build quality, and the sensible fee. To sum up, the only issue you’ll remorse is not having bought it earlier.

The processing of the G402 makes ACGAM’s typical good impact. Even underneath outstanding pressure impact, the case makes no noise and the floor stays in large part unintended even in deliberate scratching tries. average, however, the G402 does no longer quite attain the level of the G502 in terms of craftsmanship, which has a relatively better best, for example, because of the textile-sheathed cable. although, the cable of the G402 makes a higher influence than that of the G400s because it is thicker and the transition to the mouse has a better excellent.

The ACGAM G-402 Gaming Mouse is now you could able to shop for on AMAZON just at the charge price of EUR 19.98.and you may also visit for taking a look at and purchase ACGAM Other Gaming Products and for greater information stay became the ACGAM Official Website.


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