AEE Sparrow 360 Selfie Drone 1080P RC Quadcopter Design, Features Review (Coupon inside)


The Sparrow360 is an AEE drone, ideal for small adventures. Use the Smartphone app to control the Sparrow360 by finger movement. The infrared obstacle detection gives you the sense of security you need to fly a drone. Take 360° pictures with the childlike panorama function of the Sparrow360. Included in the package are a case and an extra battery, so you can take your Sparrow anywhere with you. Wherever you want.


The Sparrow 360 is an incredibly lightweight and rugged indoor drone by AEE. It allows your living room, office or any other place to serve as a flying area. Infrared sensors attached to all ends provide perfect protection and detect obstacles at an early stage. Thanks to its carbon cage, the Sparrow 360 can be started without any problems and can be landed in the same place again. Thanks to the carbon cage, the Sparrow 360 can be started and landed without problems. The AEE Sparrow 360 has a design and creation for the most epic adventures. The Sparrow 360 weighs is 209g and dimension is 220 * 220 * 40mm with a compact design to fit in any bag for every type of on-the-go aerial images. The propellers are protected by a durable, sleek cage structure.


Keep track of it with the panorama shot function. The small camera gives them full HD video recordings, 12MP image recordings as single and continuous exposure – thanks to the LED light even in low light conditions. Control the Sparrow360 via smartphone APP with your fingers or by moving your smartphone. Due to the strong Wi-Fi connection, they can fly Sparrow360 up to 30m away with a battery life of 10 minutes per battery pack. The included transport box ensures that you can take the Sparrow360 everywhere with ease and the additional battery guarantees even longer flight fun. Share your pictures and videos after flying with just one touch on social networks. Use the AEE app on your smartphone and the onboard Wi-Fi to control the drone. The selfie drone has infrared sensors providing obstacle detection and secures the drone from accidents. The camera has really cool features. Take 360-degree panoramic pictures. It takes images in 1080 p/60 fps full HD video in mp4. It has LED flash to indoor for the best selfie snapshots. The selfie drone takes off from your hand. Flight time is 10 minutes and 2 batteries come with the drone. The batteries are charged through a mini USB port. This drone is also built with some smart tech like obstacle avoidance for better accuracy which will give you a sense of confidence while flying this. Also, just like any other drones, the Sparrow 360 also comes with some neat features like the ability to shoot 360 panoramas, etc. The Sparrow 360 has a very modern as well which makes it quite comfortable to carry around as well. When you purchase this drone, you also get a case and battery to go with it and you can always additional batteries depending on your needs. Long story short, this is the perfect drone which you buy that will help you up your selfie game.


The AEE Sparrow 360 is a selfie drone, ideal for personal adventures. Use the smartphone app to control the Sparrow 360 and share images/video with one button. The infrared obstacle detection gives you the sense of security. Equipped with a barometer and optical flow module, Sparrow is safe for children as well. Take 360-degree pictures with panoramic function, 1080P / 60fps full HD video in mp4 and 12 MP photos. You can buy from TOMTOP at $140.79 Use Coupon Code: HTY7AE and 220 points to enjoy price


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