Aeroband PocketGuitar Review – Play the Guitar Anytime and Anywhere


Aeroband PocketGuitar is a mediator for playing a virtual guitar with an intelligent microcircuit inside, which can accurately determine the amplitude and frequency of the “guitar battle” formed from our hand movements in space. The sound of a guitar, bass, or ukulele is played from a smartphone paired with Aeroband PocketGuitar via Bluetooth with the AeroBand app installed. PocketGuitar can use with PocketDrum drumsticks to simulate a bass kick pedal. To do this, you need to fix the pick on the leg and select AeroDrummer mode in the AeroBand application. Anytime, anywhere allows you to play anytime without any limitation with realistic drumming experience.


Aeroband PocketGuitar vibrates differently for each performing and varies its intensity based on how hard you are playing. The harder or softer you play, the PocketGuitar responds with a corresponding vibration. You can hear the beat and feel the beat, allows you to experience cooler music. Its appearance is similar to ordinary guitar picks, which can accurately identify the amplitude and frequency of handshake. PocketGuitar can use as foot sensors that control the kick/bass drum in PocketDrum! There are three modes in the application that turn PocketGuitar into a good accompanist for our song – a freehand game, a teacher – a learning mode and a game mode.

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Adopted the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology connected with the AEROBAND application. The PocketGuitar’s playing interface is automatically formed in the air. With the right hand performing the swing movement and left hand switch the rhythm according to the beat, then can pop all kinds of music. Aeroband PocketGuitar not only can play like a guitar, bass, ukulele but also you can use it as a foot senor that controls the kick/bass drum which takes air guitar to a more high level, perfect match with aeroband drumsticks. A Bluetooth-enabled guitar pick allows you to play and invisible guitar while connected to the AeroBand app. Start in three minutes and pop good music. Anytime, anywhere allows you to play without any limitation with realistic drumming experience. Buy it now, learn, play, and sing along with your PocketGuitar with easy.


Strum or pick using Aeroband PocketGuitar with your phone as your fretboard. Just like PocketDrum, you can play in three different modes, learn songs, play freehand, or challenge yourself and friends in-game mode. Perfect for music beginners/professionals/ amateurs. For More information visit on official Aeroband PocketGuitar Website.


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