After the Launch of Mi 12 / MIUI 13, the Internal Beta of MIUI Home was Opened


At the Mi 12 event, Xiaomi officially launched the MIUI 13/13 Pad system and announced the MIUI family. In addition to MIUI 13, which is used for phones and tablets, Xiaomi released MIUI Watch, MIUI Home, MIUI TV, and Mi Miaoxiang. It covers three scenarios: individual, family and enterprise.

Now Xiaomi has opened its internal beta of MIUI Home.

“MIUI Home”, a new member of the MIUI family, makes the touch screen speaker your Home intelligent central control. The whole house smart devices at a glance, arbitrary control; Important household information is displayed here, and there is an alarm sound in case of emergency. Not only connecting devices, but also connecting home.

[Participation Requirements]

Prerequisite: Have at least one touch-screen speaker of the following models

1. Xiaomi Xiaoai Touchscreen speaker Pro 8

2. Redmi Touch Speaker Pro 8

Redmi Touch Screen Speaker 8

Other standards:

1. Keen on smart home, there are many smart devices at home

2. You love new experiences

3. Actively test and submit questions

In the home scenario, with the popularity of Xiaomi’s smart hardware, a control panel shared by the whole family is particularly important. MIUI Home makes the touchscreen speaker your smart Home controller.

MIUI Home has a new Home page. The smart devices in the whole house have been reorganized to be clear at a glance and controlled at will.

MIUI Home is also your Home notification center, full scene Home notification, let you know the status of your Home in real time.

MIUI Home can connect not only devices, but also family members, making quick calls within the Home and making it easy for the elderly and children to use.


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