AIWO 737A Laptop Review: Comes with 13.3 inch Windows 10 English Version Intel Apollo Lake N3450


The formula for AIWO 737A Laptop a decent cheap PC we take the present Apollo Lake stage and their well-demonstrated N3450 processor, and we delicately flavor up the operational 6GB RAM and implicit 128GB ROM memory. We include a mystery fixing that altogether enhances execution and profitability in correlation with a comparative iron. We beautify the perfect work of art in a pretty aluminum case and improve with a quality 13.3″ IPS Full Hd show. We warm up with a moderate cost.

Display and Design

AIWO 737A Laptop looks extremely decent, its external part is made of aluminum, prepared to matt state. The corners are smoothed and have a streamlined shape, in the inside is a little-metalized logo. The model is sold in two hues. Extravagance Gold looks very intriguing, yet I favored a more great Gray, in spite of the fact that in this execution the shading would be more legitimate to call Silver. With shading, I have not lost, live it looks nice. What’s more, as a rule, we can express the way that the workstation looks more extravagant than it really costs.

AIWO 737A Laptop is thin, its base is made as a wedge. In the thickest part 1.3 cm  in the most slender part – just 6 mm. The power connector is situated on the correct side, beside it there is a little LED showing the charging status. Close to the USB 3.0 connector and smaller than expected HDMI for interfacing with an expansive screen or TV.

the screen corner to corner of 13.3 inches is the brilliant mean, particularly if the PC is intended to be utilized at home, as well as past. Little sizes enable you to convey it with you, only a little pack behind you or organizer. It is anything but difficult to work with, symbols and text styles – expansive sizes, goals 1920×1080 pixels, high detail.


AIWO 737A Laptop is viewed as the best in its class.  About this and I will tell in the present audit. To put it plainly, the fundamental points of interest are: reasonable value, conservative size, enough memory for agreeable work (6GB + 128GB), great self-governance, great screen, incredible cooling.


AIWO 737A Laptop is another the best and cheapest laptop available in market. it gives you the best performance and excellent design. you can easily buy this from Gearbest with $209.99


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