ALD Sentry POD Review – Here is Everything You Need To Know


ALD has been around for a long time and has a large number of different POD systems in its arsenal. The Chinese manufacturer ALD has released its next sub-system, calling it ALD Sentry. The device received a laconic appearance, several modes of operation, and the most relevant technologies for this class. We will talk about one of the new products in this review.

Features of ALD Sentry Pod :

  • Dimensions: 111.9mm*24mm*14mm
  • Material: aluminum alloy, PCTG
  • Battery: 840mAh
  • Charging: USB Type-C
  • Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Cartridges: 0.8Ω


ALD Sentry is a medium-sized stick. The vape has a slightly rounded shape, i.e. slightly thickened in the center and flattened at the edges. The edges are clear, not rounded. The manufacturer offers 6 colors to choose from 5 plain and one gradient. The POD system looks discreet, except for the manufacturer’s logo on it there are no decorations. At the top of the aluminum body is a neat oval Fire button that performs several functions. It can be used to turn the vape on and off, as well as select the wattage: 3.5V or maximum wattage. The button has a small indicator showing the selected power. To display the battery charge level, there is a separate indicator at the bottom of the sub-system.


ALD Sentry works on cartridges with a built-in evaporator. The capacity of the cartridge is standard 2 ml. Inside there is a conventional coil with a resistance of 0.8 ohms. Refueling is carried out through the hole under the plastic mouthpiece. The cartridge itself is held in place with magnets. For easy removal, the cartridge has small indentations on both sides. Airflow adjustment is also available. The lever for adjusting the puff is located on the right side of the vape. An 840 mAh battery is installed inside the case, which, according to the manufacturer, will last for a day of vaping. Charging is carried out with a current of 1A through the Type-C connector on the bottom of the POD system.


The compact ALD Sentry was given two modes of operation, adjustable tightening and a convenient refilling system that does not require removing the cartridge. For more information visit on official ALD website.


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