Alfawise B7 Pro Fitness Tracker with 7/24h Real-time Heart Rate Monitor For Just $17.99 at Gearbest


Alfawise B7 Pro is an inexpensive and very simple fitness bracelet with a sporty design, a direct charging USB plug, and a removable silicone strap. The gadget is very light with a weight of 22 grams and is protected from water exposure according to IP67. The fitness tracker Alfawise B7 Pro is available from Gearbest for around $18 in the three colors black, blueberry and red.

The bracelet is equipped with a color screen with a diagonal of 0.96 inches with a resolution of 160 * 80 pixels. To control the device and switch between functions, use the touch button at the bottom of the screen. Under the hood is a DA14585 processor with a 128 KB + 94 KB memory combination.

From the functions of the Alfawise B7 Pro can measure heart rate, count steps, calories, distance, measure sleep and track several sports modes such as running, cycling, jump rope, table tennis, badminton, etc. As the battery is used a battery with a capacity of 90 mAh. One of his charges is enough for 7-10 days of work in standby mode.

The manual is in several languages and probably contains almost all the scenarios for working with the device. It is worth noting a sufficiently high-quality microUSB cable, albeit very short.

Now go to the device itself, which looks stylish enough and fits comfortably on your hand. Silicone strap with aluminum buckle acts as a fastening. The material is pleasant to the touch and the appearance does not cause any complaints. The strap has 10 sizes (holes for fastening), which will make it comfortable to carry the device on almost any hand.

The base is made of black plastic with a small screen on the front of the case. On the back, there is a heart rate sensor and an outlet for charging, which is neatly covered by a silicone plug. The screen is absolutely standard for devices of this kind: a small single-color OLED panel. The protective glass does not glare in the sun and does not cut eyes in the dark.

Now let’s try to sum up. Alfawise B7 Pro is a very interesting smart bracelet with all the necessary functions, I did not have any complaints when using it and I strongly recommend it to buy, although there are a lot of good solutions on the market, they already play a role of preference in terms of appearance. we can buy it from Gearbest at $17.99 in Flash sale


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