Alfawise C40 Review – Laser Engraving Machine at $269.99 From Gearbest


Again, the laser engraver market continues to evolve. The Alfawise C40 is the latest addition to the Chinese brand already responsible for some great releases. The C40 is a newcomer in the catalog of the brand which has started to make a pretty name for itself with these DIY peripherals. After 3D printers, its laser engravers eventually stand out.

Buy Alfawise C40 Laser Engraving Machine From Gearbest


Chassis made of aluminum profiles to be assembled on which the laser will run, driven by two motors and belts. The Alfawise C40’s motherboard remains Open Source but now switches to 32-bit for faster data processing and smooth engine control. The communication between the machine, which passes through a USB port via software such as LaserGRBL for example, is also improved.

The overall accuracy is also superior, although I doubt that the impact is huge with this type of laser and the speeds offered. Alfawise C40 engraves more area and gives more output at a time of functioning. Its body is made up of aluminum and acrylic, which makes this product durable. Alfawise C40 is an advanced form of C30. C40 works on a laser having a wavelength of classic ranges from 440 to 450nm.

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Alfawise C40 motherboard has an open-source which has a 32-bit processor for fast data processing and smooth engine control. Alfawise C40 has a powerful motherboard, which gives speed while performing heavy functioning work. This comes with a variable focus which helps in adjusting the different length. C40 has more accuracy of 0.01mm, which also helps the user to get speedy output. It has a laser power of 7 W, which is quite useful while dealing with the cost of the production of things. It has a powerful support system of 12 V and 3 A current adapter. C40 has two different lasers, which stamped 7W and 20 W.


Alfawise is an electronics company that mainly manufactures household products, including home electronics and kitchen appliances, to make our lifestyle more comfortable and relaxed. Alfawise C40 is an exciting and dynamic device that’s make printing experience more advanced. We can buy it from Gearbest at $269.99 until July 31st.

Buy Alfawise C40 Laser Engraving Machine From Gearbest


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