Alfawise MB05 F1.4 Car DVR Dash Camera with 170-Degree Ultra Wide Angle Lens with Sony IMX323 image Sensor For Just $47.99 Daily 5Pcs at Gearbest


Dashcam is a great addition to your vehicle for a myriad of reasons. This Alfawise MB05 F1.4 Car DVR Dash Camera will protect you in a car accident by providing evidence of the incident, especially against people trying to commit insurance fraud. A dash cam can even help you record and save good memories even if you are not in the car. In a word, it can protect your finances, time and personal property, etc. This Alfawise MB05 F1.4 Car DVR Dash Camera, adopted Novatek 96658 Chip and Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor, equipped with Car DVR Dash Camera, features with a variety of functions, such as loop-cycle recording, parking monitoring, auto power on, and so on, provide you a more comfortable and worry-free driving environment.

Alfawise MB05 F1.4 Car DVR perfectly copes with any conditions of shooting, demonstrating excellent quality of shooting in conditions of shortage of light. Shooting in the dark provides a high-aperture lens and maximum open aperture f/1.8. The high-end Sony IMX323 CMOS sensor creates a bright and distinctive image even at night.

Alfawise MB05 F1.4 Car DVR equipped With Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor, the Alfawise MB05 Car camera features wide dynamo range – it is sensitive to the light and presents abundant details in vivid colors. Never miss anything on the 4 lanes. The large display facilitates activating functions, configuring the settings, adjusting the microphone / Volume, reviewing photos and videos. Alfawise MB05 F1.4 Car DVR also has built-in WIFI for looking at what it captures Via Lucycam APP.

Alfawise MB05 F1.4 Car DVR comes With built-in G-sensor, the video recorded during emergency braking will be saved and looked. This will save as an effective evident, indicating who is to be blamed for. Each video clip lasts for 3 / 5 / 10 minutes and arranges in chronological order. Alfawise MB05 supports up to 32GB TF card and the old videos will be automatically replaced by the old ones.

Alfawise MB05 F1.4 Car DVR is easily installed behind the rearview mirror and does not close the driver’s view. It is installed on the windshield with an electrostatic patch, while removing as easily, leaving no traces. The device behaves well at elevated temperatures, controlling the overheating of internal components, and due to the hermetic attachment of the patch-sucker to the glass, it does not fall off in the heat.

If you’re looking for a compact dash cam that’s packed with features, but still easy to use, you can’t go wrong with the Alfawise MB05 F1.4 Car DVR. It Comes with 1080P 30fps full HD, with Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor, 170-degree ultra wide-angle lens to cover over 4 lanes and avoid dead zone. We can buy it from Gearbest at $47.99 Until Sep 30th Daily 5 Units.


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