Alfawise S60 Pro Review: Remote Control Window Vacuum Cleaner For Just $139.99 at Gearbest (Flash Sale)


The Alfawise S60 Pro is an updated version of the Alfawise S60 window cleaning robot, which can clean 1 square meter in just 3 minutes. This window cleaning robot is special because it can be used not only for cleaning windows but also for tiles, marble and other slippery surfaces.

Buy Alfawise S60 Pro Remote Control Window Vacuum Cleaner $149.99


Alfawise S60 Pro’s body dimensions are significantly better than those of the Alfawise S60. For example, while the Alfawise S60 boasted a 29.5 x 15 x 12.5 cm body, the Alfawise S60 Pro is now amazed at the 27 x 13.8 x 8.2 cm body. Perhaps most striking is the fact that the Alfawise S60 Pro has been able to expand its body by as much as 4.2 centimeters. Customers who use safety blinds on the outside of their windows will be particularly pleased with this update – and this Alfawise S60 Pro can be folded down underneath them if needed.

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Alfawise S60 Pro windshield robot comes with a new generation of Japanese engine, which in this case achieves 40 kg/cm of torque and 80 rpm. These upgrades make cleaning windows even cleaner, and the much faster-rotating microfiber cloths now make it easy to clean even a sufficiently thick layer of dust. Alfawise S60 Pro is intriguing, for the reason that it is the first window cleaning robot on the market that the manufacturer itself recommends using beyond window cleaning. According to the manufacturer, the Alfawise S60 Pro can be used to clean rough glass depending on the need and is also ideal for marble and tile surfaces. In other words, the Alfawise S60 Pro can now become a great accessory for any smart vacuum cleaner.


In Alfawise S60 Pro, the most important functions have been significantly improved. Increased engine power provides excellent quality and cleaning speed. You can now easily control the robot with the remote control or a smartphone. The cleaning cloths are more easily changed. Its stylish and practical design is as impressive as its improved features. We can buy it from Gearbest at $149.99 in Flash Sale

Buy Alfawise S60 Pro Remote Control Window Vacuum Cleaner $149.99

Update on Nov.7, ,2019

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