Alfawise V10 A3050 USB Wired Gaming Mouse Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Alfawise, a brand well known for its TV Box and GearBest’s exclusive, has launched the new Alfawise V10 USB Wired Gaming Mouse. This is one of their debut in the gaming equipment market and has everything to go! This mouse was created thinking about gamers. However, the V10 is also quite interesting for all people looking for a comfortable, beautiful, well-performing and affordable mouse. The mouse sale has begun, so let’s see all about the new Alfawise V10.

DesignAlfawise V10 A3050 RGB Backlight USB Wired Gaming Mouse

The Alfawise V10 has a common format in several mice gamers, with a 1.6-meter wire and a USB connection. Overall, Alfawise did a great job on the ergonomics of the mouse, this one having a perfect size and a very nice touch feeling. As for the surface, it is resistant to corrosion by sweat and stains. The dimensions of the V10 are 13 x 6.5 x 3.5 centimeters. On the sides of the mouse are rubbery textures that allow a better footprint and prevent it from slipping from the hand.

The main keys include the two patterns of any mouse, the wheel in the middle, a DPI adjustment knob, and two forward / backward arrows on the left side. In addition, at the bottom of the mouse, there are keys to adjust the color of the lights and the polling rate. The underside of the mouse has a design that generates little friction with the surface of the table or mousepad, making it easier to drag the mouse. Thanks to all these ergonomic details, you will not feel tired on the hand even after long hours of gambling.


In addition to having the best ergonomics, the Alfawise V10 also delivers excellent performance. The wire ensures performance is stable and avoids any lag in response time. Using the Avago A3050 professional optical sensor, the mouse can adapt to the speed of movement of the player’s hand, avoiding any problem in the movement. Out of the games, you can set DPI levels to be easily changed at any time using the DPI button built into the mouse. The Alfawise V10 offers four adjustable DPI options: 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000. The higher the DPI, the faster the pointer will move on the screen. The rate of return can also be changed using the specific key at the bottom.

The Alfawise V10 also comes with an RGB light that makes your gameplay more enjoyable. The light appears on the bottom, on the caster, and on the Alfawise logo. You can choose between 4 lighting modes via the adjustable wrench at the bottom of the mouse. For even better user experience, Alfawise offers a programmable driver for users to customize the key function.


The Alfawise V10 USB Wired Gaming Mouse has already been released on GearBest with a price of $14.60 and free shipping but you can get it at $12.56 with use this Coupon Code: GBCNA. If you are looking for a perfect mouse for games, click the link to access the Alfawise V10 page.

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