Alfawise WL32 Review: Dimmable RGBW Bluetooth Speaker Bedside Lamp For Just $31.99 at Gearbest


Recently, the Alfawise WL32 Bedside Light has been introduced, which in addition to multi-color RGB light with Bluetooth Speaker can make your stay more enjoyable with music. Today’s offer of the interesting Alfawise WL32 from the Gearbest e-shop is just as it is, in some cases, too smart to actually damage. Alfawise WL32 Bedside Light has Automatic cycle mode, 256 RGB colors or fixed monochrome lights, creating a romantic atmosphere that allows you to relax in the bedroom or living room.

Buy Alfawise WL32 Bedside Light with Bluetooth Speaker at $31.99


Alfawise WL32 not only for reading and night bedside lamps but also for decorative table lamps, bedside tables, and any furniture and its stylishly designed decorative lights. This color-changing modern lamp is a good choice for home use! You will not control the Alfawise WL32 Bedside Light by using mobile apps or connect it to a home Wi-Fi network and smart home devices. But it offers a very nice design, The lamp is equipped with a multifunctional touch-sensitive button. With this button, you can switch on, off, adjust the color temperature or adjust the brightness and hold it long between colors – according to our current mood. In addition to the pleasant lighting, there is a built-in Bluetooth speaker in the Alfawise WL32 lamp, simply associate with your phone and listen to your favorite songs or search for Youtube.

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The lighting can be multicolored or white, we can choose from 256 hues and the white color temperature can be adjusted. A total of 24 high-quality LEDs are available in the lamp, of which 15 are white and 9 are colored, while white LEDs have a power of 6W and a color of 3W. The luminous flux is max. 450LM, which gives the lamp a sufficiently high brightness. In addition, the lamp apparently also has a built-in speaker. About the speaker, however, you will find on the product page as good as no information. However, since the bedside lamp has no larger outlets for the sound, I would not expect too much here. Even the Bluetooth standard is anything but timely with 2.1. A dimmable lamp can be used as a table lamp, reading lamp and bedside lamp. It is also a good choice for nursing, creating an atmosphere, relaxing and so on.


You can find this amazing Alfawise WL32 Bedside Light in the at a price of $31.99 with an incredible discount. If you want to appropriate this Alfawise Bedside Light you just have to enter from the following link:

Buy Alfawise WL32 Bedside Light with Bluetooth Speaker at $31.99


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