Alfawise WS-1060 Review – APP Control Smart Robot Window Cleaner For Just $185.99 ar Gearbest


If you live in tall buildings, the cleaning window becomes a tough task for you. It’s hard and dangerous to clean the dusty window outside by yourselves. Alfawise WS-1060 APP Smart Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner is coming to solve your problems. The microfiber pads effectively scrub the glass surface, remove the oil stain, dirt and dust. Also, Visit on Gearbest 11.11 Sale

Buy Alfawise WS-106 Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner at $185.99


The Alfawise WS-1060 Robot Window Cleaner comes in a single color[silver], although it spots slight touches of black, and you will agree with me that with this silver and black color it will get to drag ones attention. It has an ultra-thin design with a height of 3.66 inches, which makes it about 25% thinner than just about any other cleaner with its functions. It has a dimension of 223.00 x 23.00 x 9.30 cm and weighs 1.2700 kg making it extremely easy to move around.

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Alfawise WS-1060 Robot Window Cleaner, 99% ultra-high cleaning rate. Ultra-fast cleaning speed is 50% higher than the previous generation. The composite rubber track with glass fiber has a service life of more than 400 hours, which is 400% higher than similar products on the market. High-end Italian chip + smart sensor + new upgrade path planning algorithm for new user experience. Combine the remote and mobile App control for easy operation. You don’t have to climb ladders or put yourself at risk, you can clean your window right from your smart robot… The Alfawise WS-1060 Robot Window Cleaner sports a whooping large battery with Over 400 hour continuous working time which is much longer than other cleaning machines. It has 30 Min endurance after electricity cut off which would suck still on glass for 30 min and send an alarm when the electricity suddenly cut off. Safety rope can be tied up in case you missed to power off, power cut or some other unexpected things happened. No need to tie the string every time you use it except when you’re cleaning the high walls.


It can be frustrating for anyone to get home after work and start cleaning. Most of the time we don’t have time for ourselves, leave the cleaning alone. This led us to the Alfawise WS-1060 Robot Window Cleaner, which helps us to clean those dirty and strong-headed stains on our windows. We can buy it from Gearbest at $185.99 in 11.11 Flash Sale

Buy Alfawise WS-106 Robot Vacuum Window Cleaner at $185.99


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