Alibaba Cloud Helps Research Institutions Accelerate The Development of New Drug Vaccines


Alibaba Cloud officially announced that during the epidemic, all AI computing power was freely available to public research institutions around the world to accelerate the development of new pneumonia drugs and vaccines.

At present, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has successfully isolated the virus, and vaccine development and drug screening are still in progress.

During the development of new drugs and vaccines, a large amount of data analysis, large-scale literature screening, and scientific supercomputing work are required. Alibaba Cloud can provide powerful AI computing power, support viral gene sequencing, new drug development, protein screening, and other work, and help scientific research institutions shorten the development cycle.

Prior to this, Alibaba Cloud and the gene company have jointly broken the world record: in just 15 minutes, high-precision personal whole-genome sequencing can be completed. Previously, the scientific community generally required 120 hours to complete similar processes.

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GHDDI, a global health drug research and development center, is working with Alibaba Cloud to develop artificial intelligence drug research and development and big data platforms, to conduct data mining and integration of historical drug research and development of coronaviruses such as SARS / MERS, open relevant preclinical and clinical data resources, and calculate targets And the molecular nature of drugs, and follow up on the latest scientific research developments of new coronaviruses, and announce them to the scientific community and the public in real-time, providing important data support for scientific research of new coronaviruses.


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