All About FEILUN FX122C6, FX122C3, FX122 Quadcopters With Coupons For All Three


Hey guyz, its been a while we have been bringing you offers ranging from all types of gadgets and today we have a block buster of deals with a combo of three coupons. Yeah thats right, we have triple threat coupons on Feilun’s 3 awesome drones namely the FEILUN FX122C6, FEILUN FX122C3, FEILUN FX122.

Now to describe the drones lets start with the similarities in all the three drones. All the three variants are actually similar in design, they are made up of high quality ABS material making them both light and flexible.

The design of the quadcopter is great with quarter circle shaped rings protecting the rotors. We have a main body which can accommodate either an HD camera or a Gimbal camera. Further you have LED lights upfront to assist you at night times.

FX122 drones have brushless motors so that’s a plus. It has 6 Axis Gyro sensor. We have 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control systems. A 7.4V 2600mAh 10C battery powering the devices, which should give you a flight time of about 9~10mins and takes 5-6 hours to fully charge. You can easily use the drones in a 300m- 400m radius.All the drones are capable of doing Forward/backward, Headless Mode, One Key Automatic Return,  Turn left/right ,Up/down, With LED light.

Now the differences

FEILUN FX122C3 is the most expensive quadcopter among the three, it has a notable Gimbal HD camera of about 120 – 220W and weighs about 1.6kg. The extras you get with this particular model are 1 x Camera, 1 x Card Reader, 1 x 4G TF Card, 1 x Camera Bracket and it sell for about $108.10 but using the COUPON CODE :  IGEEK122C3 here you can get it for a Special Price of : $105.99 only.


FEILUN FX122C6 is having only one notable difference here , the HD camera which is capable of First Person Video (FPV) upto a distance of 40 – 50m. The camera has pixels of about 62 – 92W. It weighs about 1.650 kg. It retails for $96.16 but using COUPON code:  IGEEK122C6  here you can get this for SP: $94.99.


FEILUN FX122 is the basic model with above mentioned specs, it doesn’t include the cameras like the above drones. Its a pretty neat drone if you don’t actually require a camera. It retails for $72 but using the COUPON :  IGEEKFX122 here  you can get it for SP: $70.89 only.



FEILUN drones are pretty great looking devices and also include some nice accessories to top it off, thereby taking care of all your needs in one package. Adding to that you also get our coupon deals, so overall this is a great pick if you are rooting to purchase a quadcopter with a solid receiver and a great design.


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  1. Pedro Castillo Reyes on

    me podrian ayudar a calibrar el f122c6, ya que se va de lado, ya intente viendo tutoriales y todo eso pero sigue volando mal…. les agradecere la ayuda


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