Alldocube F40: A Quad-Drive Headset That’s Makes a Perfect Pair With Alldocube X


Alldocube is leaving us with many new products in these weeks. One of the new products that the firm presents are these headphones, which come with the name F40 to the market. They stand out for their sound quality, in addition to their four drivers, which make them the most complete option. In addition to having an elusive price-quality ratio.

Since it is possible to buy them for just $60 on Aliexpress. So they are presented as a very complete option, with great quality and a price that few brands can match.

In the video, you can see the unboxing of these ALLDOCUBE headphones. So we can do with a clear idea of what you can expect from them in terms of quality and design. Undoubtedly, a good option to take into account in this market segment. But the Alldocube F40 is not the only product that the brand leaves us in these weeks.

In essence, you will have earphones with similar specifications to the 1more E1010 quad-driver and AKG K3003 triple-driver models, excellence in the sector, which however cost not less than $169 and $689 respectively. And considering that none of the competing earphones has an ergonomic design around the ear for a better fit and a much stronger multi-wire cable, Alldocube F40 also has extra advantages.


On the other hand, we have the Alldocube X, a tablet that we have already talked about. A model of great quality, which stands out above all for its great AMOLED screen, which undoubtedly gives us a great image quality.

It is already possible to buy it also officially. Although if you want to know more about it, it is possible to visit the official website of the company. In it, we have all the specifications of this tablet that the firm leaves us. A good model to consider.


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