Alldocube X: A Tablet From China That Includes Samsung’s AMOLED Technology


Although Google has stopped paying attention, some manufacturers are still betting on the tablet market and if you are looking for an affordable tablet with good features, today we bring you the Alldocube X, an interesting tablet. It is a device with specifications similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 that has everything you need to enjoy a more than acceptable performance. Here we show you each and every one of its details. Today we talk about an alternative that is about to reach the market. I’m talking about Alldocube X, a tablet with features that many manufacturers would like.

Alldocube X is a 10.5-inch tablet with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 (2k) with a screen of the best panel producer AMOLED today: Samsung. The screen, type AMOLED gives us a quality that we can hardly find in other manufacturers, incorporating some of the largest in the market. In addition, the AMOLED screen is capable of exposing a wide range of light expressions, from midnight black to dazzling sunlight. It reaches the HDR standard at 145% creating a more authentic black tone that is 1,000 times darker than the black shown on the LCD.

The extensive HDR coverage delivered by this screen adds depth and richness to the images, creating a superior user experience. Another of the improvements that this technology gives us is that it gives us less tension in the eyes of users because it emits 50% less blue light than traditional LCD panels. Inside the tablet Alldocube X we locate the latest version of Android available today, Android 8.1 with a co-processor MT8176 six-core MediaTek, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage, space that we can expand the use of memory cards. This coprocessor allows us to play movies in 4k quality without any problem.

In addition, thanks to the AKM chip, also manufactured by Samsung, gives us an immersive feeling when we use a headset. This tablet includes a fingerprint recognition sensor with which we managed to protect the access to the device from unwanted looks. The dimensions of the Alldocube X are 245 x 175 x6.9 mm. The integrated 8000mAh battery is designed to maintain most of its efficiency even after long periods of time, and after 1000 charge cycles it will still have an efficiency of 85%.

In short, the Alldocube X tablet seems very promising in terms of technical specifications, even if the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has not even started yet. At the moment we do not have an expected release date. We also do not know the price of this sensational tablet, but as soon as we know it, we will inform you promptly. To find out more, you can subscribe to the mailing list, obtaining a 26% discount on the purchase price. In addition, by registering you will receive a notification when the project will reach Indiegogo.



  1. John Bairstow on

    when it will be available for purchase? great looking and combination of hardware make it perfect for everyone.

  2. Charles Basil on

    According to the confirmed detail of the Alldocube X, it is slimmer than Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. it will be launched on 8th August.

  3. Alldocube x tablet is 200% funded within 24 hours. visit Indiegogo for more information.

    High performance/Super AMOLED display/Hi-Fi sound/Ultra-slim design/Android 8.1/Fingerprint unlock

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