Alleged Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Appears on video: Could Have An iPhone X Style Gesture


Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is one of the most talked and awaited smartphones of the moment, being the new exponent of the Xiaomi device line that has cleared the concept of smartphone bezel-less, making it known to a wider audience and launching a new trend.

The smartphone has just appeared in a render that seems really very likely (not to say officially), which would then show us the final design. The information leaked today would further enrich what we already know: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s would have been immortalized in a video by OnPhones, which therefore would show it to us.

The OnPhones team would therefore already be able to get their hands on a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s. The shared video is very short, but if it turns out to be authentic, it would still show something interesting. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s could use gestures, not unlike those used by Apple on its iPhone X, at least to access the multi-tasking.

Below is the first video of the alleged Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s.

The invitation, however, is not to take for granted the authenticity of the video in question. First of all because in the video you can not see the upper part of the device and consequently not even the upper right corner where, according to the Mi Mix 2s circulated renderings, the front camera should be positioned. From this point of view, Xiaomi would have chosen to take a different path from that of Apple for its new generation of smartphones with a full-screen design. While on one side the Cupertino colossus opted for the now famous notch, the solution adopted by Xiaomi would seem to take inspiration and improve that of the Essential Phone by Andy Rubin.

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    • Eftichios Konstantoudakis
      Eftichios Konstantoudakis on

      You are correct. These kind of gestures where added some rom version back only at the full screen mobiles. So for Xiaomi is not something new. What mostly points out that this might be the new Mi Mix 2S is that there is a luck of the front camera on the bottom right place, as in Mi Mix.

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