Alpine Griffon AG-02P 720P HD Camera Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter Drone| Design, Features, Review (Coupon Inside)


The Alpine Griffon AG-02P Drone is best suited for kids, teenagers, or beginner adults looking to dive into this new hobby that is drone flying. The small to medium size of the Alpine Griffon AG-02P Drone also makes it pleasantly suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying. Strong, rubber protective barriers around the Alpine Griffon AG-02P protects the drone’s propellers from hitting objects while in flight, and also offer some protection in case of a crash.


The Alpine Griffon AG-02P Drone is small and light and therefore you need to be careful if its windy for it becomes quite erratic and difficult to control. Otherwise, the standard two thumb-style joysticks, one which controller the drone’s throttle and yaw, and the other which controls the forward, backward, upward, and downward movement of the drone is quite obvious. The video and camera functions are ergonomically well positioned in the center of the drone’s remote control. The Alpine Griffon AG-02P Drone also includes push-button flips and rolls. the Alpine Griffon AG-02P Drone offers a light, and well-balanced flight. Its unique, aerodynamic design makes it faster, and more responsive than other similar drones.


The best seller Alpine Griffon AG-02P Drone with 2MP camera combines two modern consumer trends – drone flying and 3D virtual reality – into one amazing, fun, and incredibly entertaining flying machine. The AG-01 3D RTF UAV RC quadcopter drone is a small to medium size drone that falls within the quadcopter type. As its name implies, the Alpine Griffon AG-02P Drone distinguishes itself from other drones in that it offers an exciting 1st person view from the drone. With the help of a smartphone, an App, and the 3D virtual goggles, you can easily view the Alpine Griffon AG-02P Drone camera’s live feed, giving you an impression to fly like a bird. As a small to medium size hobby drone. To fly, first turn on the drone, then the RC. Bring both joysticks to the bottom right to calibrate the RC and the drone. This should then be followed by pushing the left joystick up and down. It is now ready to fly.

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This Alpine Griffon AG-02P Drone is equipped with a 2.4G 4CH transmitter and 6-Axis gyro for your easy and stable control, adjustable 720P HD camera, and WIFI real-time images transmission system for fantastic video/picture taking, which is really a great flight combination. Alpine Griffon AG-02P Drone is now avaialble on TOMTOP Just at $117.12 using Coupon Code: HYRC, after using a Coupon and get 220 points than enjoy this amazing price.


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