Amarey A900 Robot Vacuum Features Announced: Releasing on Amazon


Smart home appliances come in our daily life with long strides. And if a few years ago a robot vacuum cleaner was something new and unusual, now you can easily buy such a device for very modest money. The number of manufacturers offering their vacuum cleaners is growing every day. But there are still brands that have already won the market and are significant. For example, the company Amarey, which is widely known throughout the world thanks to its Robot Vacuum, will soon introduce the new model Amarey A900 Robot Vaccum. After the successful launch of the previous product, the company added a large number of innovations, for example, Visual SLAM technology to its new product.

Product Specifications
Model no A900
Type Keystroke
Materials Glass+Plastic
Units size (main body size) 325*325*76mm
Camera 145°
Suction Power 1400PA
Airflow TBC
Noise 60dB
Dust capacity 500ml
Water tank capacity NO
Filter Three layer filtration
Climbing height 15°
Over obstacle height 15mm
Planning type Vision Alignment
Cleaning modes Automatic; fixation; boundary
Make an appointment to clean Yes
Battery 2600mAh
Charge Time 3.5H
Working Time Large Suction:90 minutes
Normal Suction:120 minutes
Walking speed 16m/min
Sweep the area 120 Square meters –150 Square meters
Sensor distance 10-30mm
Drop height 45mm
Voice reminder Yes
APP control Yes
Map mode Yes
Number of side brush 2PCS
Virtual wall Yes
Weight (main unit) 2.7KG
Gross Weight( with packing) 4KG


New technology Visual SLAM helps the robot cleaner to automatically localize. A wide-angle 145 lens is built into it, which helps the vacuum cleaner to efficiently and productively navigate. This makes it easier to navigate the vacuum to another level in your home. New technology makes it easy to track the location of the vacuum cleaner. To make it smarter, Amarey has added new detective sensors. It carries sensors, such as collision avoidance, to protect against collision with furniture. In addition, there is an anti-fall sensor that prevents it from falling. Amarey A900 will be supplied with wall-mounted sensors that will help it move and move along the wall correctly.


This technology provides the robot vacuum cleaner with the ability to more accurately navigate in space. It has a built-in camera with a 145-degree wide-angle lens, which allows you to see absolutely everything in order to properly navigate. All this is extremely helpful in navigating the robot and, accordingly, reduces the cleaning time in your home.
Amarey A900 Robot Vaccum also received more efficient power consumption. Now the device is able to work for 120 minutes in normal mode, and up to 90 minutes at maximum power. In this case, the robot emits the lowest possible noise.

Among other things, the new model is equipped with an intelligent control system, which allows the user to customize the operating modes of the vacuum cleaner using the application on the smartphone. In order to make the Amarey A900 Robot Vaccum even more intelligent and independent, the manufacturer added several additional motion sensors. They allow the robot to prevent collisions with the interior, walls, cats, and dogs. Of course, there is a drop sensor, which provides even more security for the device.


Amarey A900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is launching very soon with reasonably priced pricing. Until then, shoppers can glance into its predecessor, A800 Vaccum cleaner which is termed because of Amazon’s selection in 2018. It lets in extra herbal house cleansing throughout carpets and other flooring.


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