Amazing Flash Sales form TomTop for Portable 3D VR Glasses with Sucking Disk for Smart Phones with the Size Up to 5.5 !


We have reviewed many times various 3D VR Glasses, but I can assure you, never with that low price! So let us have a quick look of what these 3D VR Glasses can do for us and then I’ll meet you at the TomTop page ordering them!


These Portable 3D VR Glasses comes out in black. The dimensions of the VR Glasses are 15.5 x 11.5 x 9.0 cm and weights only 137g. The Glasses can simulate a viewing distance at 3m in front of the user, with a horizontal 100% angle. In order to protect the eye, the company uses special Aspheric HD lens. You can control various functions with magnetic control device. The 3D VR Glasses are compatible with Android and IOS.


This Portable 3D VR Glasses will give you the expirience of a big 3D cinema, right at your house or office. The whole structure of the 3D glasses can offer you a super 3D picture effect, only by looking left-right. It can be used with any mobile up to 5.5 inch and with the suctions that is equipped, grasp the mobile better and more steady. Adjusting the head belt, let the 3D glasses used by everybody, from a kid to an adult. Features special gaps from where you can pass throught the charging cable, to charge the mobile if needed.


These Portable 3D VR Glasses are very good, can be easily set up and used with any mobile up to 5.5 inch. The best above all…the price. TomTop with the Flash Sales is almost like giving it away, since the price of it is only 4.39$ at the German warehouse!!! So hurry up, you are still here? Because I’m at TomTop page and ordering it…


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