Ameter G7 Kids Smartwatch Design, Features, Hardware Review (Coupon Included)


Ameter G7 is utilizing 1.22inch Smart telephone android with 32GB Ram 32GB, round screen with space cutting advancement, it has 2g connectivity with a great show and in like manner the easily impacted touch, which can supply you the sensible and striking presentation even in the glare.  



Stylish design 1.22-inch entire round screen with extremely one of a kind and agreeable for wrist includes Network sort GSM. Ameter is beautifully design made perfect for kids.  


Ameter G7 Smartwatch has the speediest performance with MTK2503 processor, it has 32GB ram for fast memory and 32GB for storage. Ameter G7 comes with a battery of 350mah built-in. It has single Nano sim card slot.   

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Ameter Smartwatch has freely made/get telephone calls with its own particular SIM card. It has additional features of GPS, Pedometer, and notification. It has single Nano sim card to make calls. It has networking system of GSM to be more comfortable with their calls  



Ameter smartwatch is one of the best options for your kids, it is beautifully made design and it looks cool in kid’s hands, easy, comfortable and stylish. It is easily available on Geartbest with the price of $52.79, for more discount use the coupon code: GBMBP   .


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