Amlogic S905Y2 / S905X2 Soc Equipped TV Box Sale On Geekbuying up to 10% Discount with Coupon


The Geekbuying store is selling off Android tv boxes based on the new Amlogic S905Y2 and Amlogic S905X2 processors. In the new TV Box New Arrivals promotion you can buy many TV Box Amlogic S905Y2 and S905X2 at super 10% OFF discounted prices thanks to the special COUPON available for each product.

X96 MAX Amlogic S905X2

X96 MAX is currently one of the first TV Boxes running on Android 8.1, an Oreo update that shows more ways to express yourself, along with a handful of other features and improvements to stability and performance. X96 MAX runs Android Oreo on Amlogic S905X2, an update of its S905X2 predecessor with the same quad-core Cortex A53 cores paired with an ARM Dvalin MP2 GPU but adding VP9 hardware decoding, which is the absolute mainstream decoding format throughout the world. It boasts 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM, which is advantageous in terms of performance, security and reliability, giving the eMMC memory, ultimately providing a richer user experience. While your multimedia media box can only accept 1080P video playback, this gadget will play almost any 4K source that you could launch. It also moves the fantasy of the VP9 hardware into reality by decoding together with the H.265. We can buy it For Starting at $39.99 Using this Coupon Code: S905Y2

A95X PLUS Amlogic S905Y2

A95X PLUS is one of the first TV Boxes to run on Android 8.1 (an update of Oreo). This software update enables an optimal user experience with consistent performance. This Amlogic S905Y2 processor fully supports premium 4K UHD videos. This powerful combination of 64-bit CPU and ARM Dvalin MP2 handles 4K graphics better than most products on the market. It uses a 4 GB DDR4 RAM and a 32 GB EMMC for better performance, security, and reliability. With support for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band, it is capable of transmitting large amounts of data. While your multimedia media box may only accept 1080P video playback, this gadget plays 4K video from almost any source that comes to mind. Furthermore, it uses VP9 hardware decoding alongside H.265 to turn fantasy into reality. We can buy it For $59.99.

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In this More Savings you can see some best selling tv Boxes like T95 S1 S905W 2GB/16GB Android TV 7.1 TV BOX just at $43.99, MECOOL KM9 Amlogic S905X2 4GB/32GB TV Box just at $69.99, VORKE Z6 Plus S912 3GB/32GB 4K TV BOX just at $63.99, T95Z Plus DDR4 3GB eMMC 32GB KODI 17.1 4K TV BOX at $68.99 and More. These boxes will work wonders with your TV and help you transform your old TV into a smart one. These are many affordable boxes is all you need to get KODI experience on your television. Don’t know what that is? Ask your tech-savvy friend who always seems to have the latest TV shows and movies at home.

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