Andoer Photography Kit Review – For Fashion, Beauty & Portrait Photography at €73.09 From TOMTOP


Boasting solid build quality, powerful lights, and praised for its portability and versatility, the Andoer Photography Kit delivers on every level. One unique feature of this kit is that the lights have different brightness. For those looking to do less lighting adjustments in post, this is a huge advantage. It is a great deal considering its excellent light quality and the overall sturdiness of the kit. It’s built to last.

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The Andoer Photography Kit Umbrella creates even and diffused light by directing light through the inner aluminized fabric surface acting as an efficient reflector. The with a light diffusion surface of 33″ (85cm), it is ideal for general photography including portraits, group shots, glamour and product photography. It is a softbox when being spread. It’s simple to use, as an umbrella when being fold. It is small-sized, easy to carry and with a dual metal frame, the softbox is both lightweight and solid. It features an elastic pocket which places the light source in an optimal position providing zero light loss. The capability to switch between softbox and reflector makes the Pheno Square Umbrella incredibly useful and diminishes the need to purchase two separate light modifiers.

The white translucent umbrella works in the opposite way that reflective umbrellas do. Constructed from high quality translucent white fabric, it allows light to pass producing a soft even light for your subject. Linco Zenith Backdrop Stand Support System is suitable for all levels of photographers from amateurs to professionals. The perfect solution to produce photo and video for web retailers and commercial product catalogue. You can take perfect photos anywhere, anytime. This carrying bag is made from strong and durable Oxford cloth with PA (420D). It’s extremely lightweight and foldable. This durable lighting carrying bag is great for transporting any combination of lights and accessories.

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Andoer Photography Kit comes with 45W day-light studio light bulbs equals to 200W regular incandescent light bulb output. 5500K fluorescent spiral bulb generates a close match to natural daylight and a crisper view of the items being illuminate. It is best for photography lighting. Softbox diffuses the light and gives you perfect even lighting when you need for the best shots possible. With E27 socket, you can directly connect light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, or slave flash to offer the light. Made of durable muslin material, good vertical sense and durable. Single piece seamless design; Finished along all edges to prevent tears. Reflective surface and none gloss surface can help absorb the light and help eliminate reflection. It is perfect for television, video production, group shots, glamour and product photography.

Adjustable stand, the length is extendable from 68 cm up to 2.6 meters, width from 1.5 meters up to 3 meters; tripod base made of high-density iron, provide stable support; the middle strut made of high – quality aluminium alloy material, it’s sturdy and not easily deformed. Three basic colour backgrounds, black, white and green cotton fibre material, they are good texture and have a sense of sag Size of backgrounds, 1.8m x2.8m can be washed by hand or machine.


This Andoer Photography Kit is widely used for fashion, beauty and portrait photography. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €73.09 and Delivered from EU Warehouse.

Buy Andoer Photography Kit From TOMTOP


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