Android 14 First Leak: Codenamed “Flip The Cake”


Android 13 is undergoing developer preview testing, but this does not mean that all Google engineers are only focusing on this version. Recently, some of the first commits related to Android 14 have appeared on Android Gerrit. The commits reference the next Android version and reveal a codename ” Upside Down Cake “.

As we all know, Google often names Android versions with dessert names, and this tradition has continued for ten years, with each version increasing with the increase of the alphabet. However, when Android 10 launched, Google decided to abandon that tradition and name Android versions just numbers. However, these dessert codes are still used internally.

Android 14 arrived, it happened to be the turn of the letter U, so the code name of Upside Down Cake is expected to be the code name of this version.

A flip cake is a cake that is baked upside down in a pan, placing toppings (usually sliced ​​fruit such as apple or pineapple) on the bottom of the pan. The batter is then poured on top and placed in the oven to bake.

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