Android7.0 OS Announced 7 Highlights at Google I/O 2016


At Google I/O 2016, Android N has been unveiled, in the past, we have heard a lot about the latest OS, Android7.0, although Google didn’t say it’s Android7.0, We guess they want us to think wide. Until now, we know the new generation, Android OS will support updating to realize better games experience and more Emoji emoticon by Vulkan API on mid-range or low-end hardware device. This conference has shown 7 highlights of Android7.0,and it has been improved in three aspects, performance, safety, and productivity respectively. Of course, there are a lot of changes in details.

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First, Android N supports officially Vulkan API, including all of its features, especially it can reduce CPU consumption greatly, improve Draw Call, meanwhile it can support  precompiled shader, which is good news for application and game development.

As for Compilation and installation, Android N will not precompiled AOT all, but combined with JIT to real-time compilation and hybrid compilation, which has optimized for every application. It has improved app installing speed, performance, storage and effective, which is faster 75% than before in installing.



In Safety, Android N is supposed to support file encryption, media framework hardening and seamless upgrade. Android N will use two OS image to ensure OTA to update safely and smoothly.



In multi-tasking, Google found 99% people only focus on recent 7 task, so Android N will remove the old task automatically. Meanwhile, it added a button to clear all tasks to release the storage. When double clicking the current task, it will transfer the last app to the first. Meanwhile, split screen multi tasking will also join in Android N.  The notification has been improved largely that you can reply message directly, pressing the notification long can mute or  intercept.

The Emoji emoticon has also been upgraded.

In conclusion, Android7.0 has made big progress in more practical application. Right now Google has released the third preview version of Android7.0, as for the official version, it will come out in Autumn this year. There is other good news that Android Wear 2.0 also comes at the same time. We will see more convenient OS for our smartphone, and smart watch. Can you device update to Android7.0 OS?




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