Anet A8 Plus Review – Upgraded High-precision DIY 3D Printer at $166/€141.10 From TOMTOP


Anet A8 Plus is an upgraded version of Anet A8, comes with 300 x 300 x 350mm build area, aluminum frame, and redesigned motherboard, extruder feed, belt tensioning, and much more. Provide two packaging options, DIY packaging, and modular packaging. The DIY version allows a comprehensive study of 3D printer’s assembly and construction. The modular version is easy to assemble and can be assembled within 10 minutes, which is easy to start. Here you can check 3d printer that under 300 for your choice.

Buy Anet A8 Plus From TOMTOP


The frame of the Anet A8 Plus is made out of stiff aluminum and is sturdy enough to provide good support while printing. There’s a glass bed onto which filament is extruded while printing. The actual motorized head that pulls the filament down and deposits it on the bed, a filament holder that holds a spool of filament. And an LCD screen that lets you control the printer. There’s also a mainboard at the back the controls all of the printer’s operations, as well as allowing you to print models via a microSD card or over USB. Anet A8 Plus printing size is enlarge to 300*300*350mm, and large enough to satisfy your creativity; the magnetic movable LCD control panel and convenient knob type control design make your operation more efficient and more flexible.

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Consist of more durable aluminum alloy frame; the Y-axis design with double polished rods, and the Z-axis with double-threaded rods, which to achieve a breakthrough and upgrade of the structure and movement stability; the tightness of Z axis and Y axis belts can be freely adjusted and are more convenient to use. Anet A8 Plus has added automatically loading and unloading filament function, which is very easy to add or exchange filament. Using the patented extruder structure, the filament extruding is more smooth without clogging. Direct filament loading improves the printing effect of TPU filament. A8 Plus compatible with various 1.75mm printing filaments like PLA, ABS, HIPS, TPU, wood, etc; widely used in architecture, medical, home decoration, industry, education, movie, and other many fields.


If you’re new to the 3D-printing space and want a printer that offers good print quality with room for upgrades, then the Anet A8 Plus is a great recommendation. Yes, there are some complexities with setting it up properly, but once it has been aligne and configure, there’s no end to what great things it can churn out. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €141.10 and Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping

Buy Anet A8 Plus From TOMTOP


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