Another Meizu MX6 leak with 12 MP IMX286 Sensor Confirmed.


Today we get a real look at the Meizu MX 6, the device shows a dual flash at the rear, there was speculation that Meizu MX 6 would come with a LED ring at the rear. Many phone makers are opting for an upgrade of sensor rather than increase a Device’s MP capacity. It looks like it’s the case for the Meizu MX 6. img_0147-1But dont panic, a photo appeared online this week purportedly taken by the MX6.It does appear now to be a genuine photo taken by the device. As we know now Meizu are going for quality rather MP quantity. The photo is pretty stunning,taken of a peacock’s feather, take a look below.img_0144
The buttons are all on the right of the device and appear to be seated inside a small recess. The device will be launched some time this month and come with a Helio X20 processor, Meizu will launch the Meizu MX6 later this phone. The phone will feature a Helio X20 chipset, It sounds very much like the Meizu will go with a lower resolution Sony IMX286 12 mega-pixel sensor,but remember guys  this is the same sensor fitted to  the Huawei P9.img_0148 The Meizu MX6 will also feature a body thickness of only 7.55mm body and from what we have been told, it will come with a large battery capacity.Thats all for now guys but we will give you any news about the Meizu MX6 as soon as we hear anything.



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