Elephone P8 is advertised as a smartphone, which will prove to be ideal as a tool to capture the world around us. Will this actually be true? We have to wait for the first photos taken with this phone.  Let’s move on to the matrices, or what Elephone is proud of P8. On the front we find an optics made by Samsung, and the rear camera is Sony.

The cameras have 16MP and 21MP respectively. However, it is really only numbers, and people with hands on smartphones from Elephone know that there were some problems with optimizing the camera, so the photos did not come out as good as they should. Plus it is such that this type of defect manufacturer can fix quite a quick update. Let’s hope this time it will not be necessary. The heart of the device will be the Helio P25 processor supported by 6GB of RAM. Such a connection will not be a speed daemon, but it should be enough for most users.

Premiere is scheduled for May this year and then we will know the price and other details about the phone. Will Elephants P8 succeed? Everything we should know in the coming months. Let’s hope the manufacturer has pulled the calls and the phone goes on sale without the disadvantages of “youth age”.


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