Anti Fatigue, Eyesight improving Sunglasses


You might have seen some funky glasses with holes in them. Don’t get confused with the image, what we have today are anti-fatigue sunglasses that improve eyesight with their usage.It comes in a black plastic frame that is made from PC material that hold the pinhole glasses.



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  • Regulate and correct all kinds of bad eyesight, wearing small aperture glasses can correct refractive errors and regulate poor vision caused by various abnormalities, such as:myopia,astigmatism,presbyopia and so on.
  • Even our eyes needs exercises. It will help relax your eye muscles and make them stress free.
  • You can improve your natural eyesight by just wearing these glasses for 15 mins per day.

1. Improves the clarity and resolution of user’s vision, specially for refractive eye disorders.
2. People with low light sight problems will benefit as it improves object brightness.
3.These glasses provide good vision at all distances unlike the bi-focal glasses that have fixed distances.

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Following are the disorders that shows improvement with the use of these Pinhole glasses: Myopia (short sightedness), Hyperopia (long sightedness), Presbyopia (age-related reduced range of focus). Astigmatism, Cataracts, Eye strain (from computer screens). These glasses are available for just 4.99$ and you can buy them by clicking here –> Pinhole glasses.


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