Antutu Released: June 2019 Android Smartphones Scores List


June has passed, and the first half of 2019 has come to an end. The flagships of mobile phone manufacturers have basically been released and will be ready for the second half of this year. Today, Antutu published the domestic Android mobile phone praise list in June 2019 according to the data from the background statistics. It represents the mobile phone with the highest praise rate in the past six months. Let’s see which mobile phones are popular among users.

Note: Model 5 stars (Note: up to 5 stars) The more the number of praises, the higher the favorable rate; the data source Antutu evaluation; data collection time is from June 1 to June 30, 2019, only Limited to the domestic market.

It is also worth mentioning that the favorable rate is different from the performance and price/performance list. The list is often on the old model, which is related to the user’s purchase after a period of use.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The first in the list in June is still Samsung Galaxy Note 9, although the old model released last year, with its design and performance, has been the first place in the list for several consecutive months.

Compared to the previous Note series, Note 9’s biggest improvement lies in the camera, which uses a rear 12MP wide angles + 12MP telephoto dual camera, supports variable aperture (F / 1.5-F / 2.4), in high light and dark light More details can be captured in the environment.

At the same time, Samsung upgraded the S Pen to support Bluetooth connectivity, which can control video playback, slide photos, and control photos. The S Pen needs to be recharged, but it can be quickly charged by simply plugging it into the phone and can be used for half an hour in one minute.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

In addition to Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S9+ is also appearing in the praise list for a long time. The machine adopts the full-view curved screen design to enhance the visual immersion when users use the mobile phone, and the machine is also equipped with F1.5/F2.4 intelligent variable aperture. At the beginning of the release, the performance of the camera was at the forefront of the mobile phone.

In the core configuration, the machine uses a 6.2-inch AMOLED screen, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, even if it is put into the present, this performance is not out of date, no problem for another year.

Meizu 16 Plus / Meizu 16

As a full-fledged work of Huang Zhang, the Meizu 16th series is almost full of design, and it is still a full screen without bangs and punching. This is very rare at the moment. It can be said that the Meizu 16th series will play a screen. To the extreme.

It can be seen from the newly released Meizu 16s that the machine still uses the 16th design, which proves that Huang Zhang is satisfied with the design of the latter. In addition to the design, both models are equipped with the flagship chip at that time, with Flyme’s latest One Mind 3.0, the daily use and standby life have been greatly improved.

Juxtaposed in the fourth place is a plus mobile phone 7 Pro / Huawei Mate 20 X / Red Devils Mars esports mobile phone / OPPO Find X, the favorable rate is 94%, it is worth mentioning that one plus 7 Pro, last month The machine’s favorable rate is still in second place, this month is refreshed to the fourth place, this should be because of the camera, but the official has basically fixed the problem after several versions of the push.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the models with a favorable rate of 93% are Samsung Galaxy S10+, Nut Pro 2S, and vivo NEX Ultimate. Among them, the Nut Pro 2S has entered the top ten, which is rare in hammer mobile phones. It should be related to the price reduction of the aircraft some time ago. At that time, the price has dropped to more than 900 yuan. With the Snapdragon 710 and the TNT function, it can really attract a wave of users who want to experience the experience.

The above is the Android praise list in June. As for the ranking of more models, you can go to Antutu Review, or check the official website of Antutu.

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