Anycubic 4MAX PRO Review – Large Plus Size 3D Printer Kit For Just $299 at Gearbest


The Anycubic 4MAX PRO is a desktop 3D printer produced by ANYCUBIC. ANYCUBIC is a 3D printer manufacturer based in China. The 4MAX Pro was released in 2019 and uses extrusion 3D printing technology. This desktop 3D printer offers a build volume of 270 x 205 x 205 mm.

Buy Anycubic 4MAX PRO 3D Printer Kit from Gearbest


The ANYCUBIC 4MAX Pro desktop 3D printer design was built in a lockable cabinet. The whole is composed of aluminum profiles, connectors, and a closed body. This is a more advanced version of printers with family Anycubic. The printer has a large touch panel screen, graphic design made it possible to obtain greater structural rigidity. The use of steel guides with linear bearings ensures highly refined. Set design is complex and ready to work out of the box. The feature that distinguishes this printer is the head, which moves in two axes X and Y. The work table is moved in the Z-axis Automatic printer off after use.

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The larger print volume of 270 * 205 * 205mm for your designs and creativity. Get out of the box and plug it in, let’s go! ANYCUBIC 4MAX Pro desktop 3D printer uses TMC2208 stepper motor driver – barely audible working sound. The closed housing – stable pressure temperatures and good insulation- creates a perfect environment for ABS prints as well. These machines will allow you to physically print a 3D model as designed on your computer. Let your creativity soar with this future technology that is available now at Benny’s Tech Zone. The applications are endless and they are very exciting. Make your own toys, models, small vases, pencil cups and stationery holders, personal accessories, fun jewelry – start your own business and who knows what you can achieve!

Features with Titan short extruder, 4Max Pro has a wide range of printable materials, such as PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, TPU, Wood, more compatible filaments are looking forward to your research. Anycubic 4Max Pro 3D printer has a wide range of applications,including Industrial, Architectural, Medical, Jewelry, Education, Research, Model showing, Animation industry, Handicraft, and DIY.


The Anycubic 4MAX PRO is the next level up in the world of 3d printing. Building on the success of the entry-level i3 Mega, this model offers amazing print quality, the benefit of enclosed print space and is one of the best you can find in mid-tier 3D printers. We Can buy it from Gearbest at $299 in Flash Sale

Buy Anycubic 4MAX PRO 3D Printer Kit from Gearbest


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