ANYCUBIC Mega-S Review – Touch Screen 3D Printer For Just $293/€250.71 at Gearbest


Anycubic has become one of the most popular 3D printer brands in the market due to its strong research and development activities. With their business philosophy of producing simple, affordable, and yet high-quality products, they appeal to both amateur hobbyists and professional users. The ANYCUBIC Mega-S is the upgraded version of the popular ANYCUBIC Mega with a new Titan extruder and filament holder. AnyCubic Mega-S has some features that are regularly found in other budget 3D printers nowadays, including power recovery loss and filament run-out detection. The manufacturer has also added a suspended spool holder to the side of the 3D printer, while also changing the placement of the filament sensor to improve usability.

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The ANYCUBIC Mega-S is a solid, metal-framed 3D printer that comes mostly assembled. Assembly is easy and takes only a few minutes. It is capable of producing high-quality prints. The stable construction and fine layer resolution down to 0.05 mm. It supports multiple filament materials, including PLA, ABS, High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), Wood, and Flex.

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The sensor pause prints and set off an alarm when you run out of filament which saves time and cost, printing volume reach 8.27 x 8.27 x 8.07 inch. Taitan extruder with its solid filament drive and overall mechanical design compatible with most filaments reduced the clogging risk, and improve the printing accuracy. You could easily adjust the extruder to refer to the adjusting angle logo. Patented printing platform with excellent adhesion whilst printing and pop off like they were never attached to the bed once it cools down. We not only upgrade the platform plate but also improve the quality of the wires that won’t be loose.

After receiving your ANYCUBIC Mega-S, you can quickly and easily assemble it. In a few steps, you are ready for your first 3D print. You only need to mount 8 screws and connect 3 cables. With the manual, the assembly is uncomplicated even for beginners. The Mega-S has a very sturdy frame, which significantly reduces vibrations, and at the same time increases print quality. New to the ANYCUBIC Mega-S model is also the filament holder. In a simple and beautiful design. The filament hangs on the holder and allows a more even run of the filament. Worth mentioning is also the Ultrabase building board, which offers a very good hold while it is heated. When cooling, the grip decreases, and the finished model can be easily and conveniently removed.


The ANYCUBIC Mega-S Printer makes 3D printing accessible for users at all levels. The affordable price makes it a decent investment for a hobby or a small business. we can buy it from Gearbest at $293/€250.71 from CZ Warehouse

Buy ANYCUBIC Mega-S Printer From Gearbest


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