ANYCUBIC Vyper Review – 3D Printer Kit at €288.15 From CAFAGO (Coupon)


Anycubic Vyper comes with a new 32-bit motherboard and a high-performance Cortex -M3 architecture main control chip, Vyper features faster computing speed and a smoother system. The integration of the TMC2209 silent driver makes the motherboard have both silent printing and precise voltage output control, which ensures more accurate and silent printing.


The Anycubic Vyper is a desktop FDM 3D printer that offers a decent build volume of 245 x 245 x 260 mm; letting you create large and medium-sized models. One of the most noteworthy features of the Vyper is its automatic bed leveling that lets you proceed to the actual 3D printing process shortly after unboxing and assembling the machine. The Vyper boasts its modular structure, high-precision double screw, and a 32-bit mainboard that make for a safe and silent printing experience. Besides, the machine features a dual gear extrusion mechanism for optimized torque, two cooling fans, and double graphite bearings on Z-axis for improved stability and precision.

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The Anycubic Vyper comes with a spring steel magnetic heat bed; that ensures effortless print removal and excellent layer adhesion. The bed can heat up to 110℃ and the nozzle can reach 260℃, which greatly widens the material compatibility. The printer can control via a 4.3-inch color touchscreen. The Vyper can print with PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG, Wood, and other 1.75 mm filaments. All things considered, it is a perfect device for entry-level users and hobbyists. It can be used to produce unique design household items, prototypes; accessories, tabletop models, souvenirs, props, cosplay accessories, and much more.


The Anycubic Vyper is available in stylish black with dark-gray parts. Its neatly-looking appearance makes it ideal for any kind of home workshop or office. The spool is mounted on the right side of the machine. The printer dimensions are 508 × 457 × 516 mm (20 × 18 × 20.3 in) and it weighs 10 kg (22 lbs). We can buy it from CAFAGO at €288.15 by using Coupon Code: TCVYPER 


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