Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus Machine Review – Buy at $169 For First 1000 Units


The Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus is a third version of the brand’s resin print cleaning and curing systems. A larger and more efficient model than the previous two. Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus a larger-sized 3D printing post-processing resin washing and curing machine which will bring exciting innovative features and functions for 3D printer users.


The machine measures 49 cm high, 29 cm wide, and 27 cm deep, this size allows integrating large resin objects with a different capacity for each use of the object. The Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus, therefore, accepts 3D prints of 19.2 x 12 x 24.5 cm in cleaning mode and objects entering an area 19 cm in diameter by 24.5 cm high for 360 ° UV exposure. Dimensions that can be explained quite simply, correspond to the resin printers with an 8.9 ″ screen offered by the brand.

Anycubic’s Wash & Cure Plus with multiple improvements

This machine is therefore simply thought to accompany an existing solution; for all those who seek to gain in productivity with this type of machine. Individuals will find their account there but it seems obvious that an enthusiast; an enlightened amateur, or pro will find more use there. If you’re a model maker, for example, and you make series of resin objects or parts and your passion isn’t cleaning them with a toothbrush or UV manicure lamp, using a semi-automated cleaning solution makes sense. If your use of a resin 3D printer is more related to troubleshooting or creations from time to time,


It’s compatible with models of 3D resin printers with 8.9 ″ LCD and, thus; helps to solve the post-production needs for larger sizes. It then supports washing and curing, and its cleaning power allows you to achieve better results with less effort. It also supports water-washable resin. This bigger volume size brings great benefits but the Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus also has an L-shaped UV light design with an array of 20 LED beads. The L-shaped UV light bar can be bent to ensure 360 degrees of curing; at the top and bottom part of models using the reflection of the rotating table. This feature enables every model to be seamlessly cured by UV light.

The protective outer cover guarantees a 99.95% UV light block; so it is completely safe for prolonged exposure to the machine’s surroundings. It has automatic pause protection in case the protective cover is removed in the cure mode. It has intuitive controls, making it very simple to switch between washing and curing modes and to quickly select the operating time from 1 to 60 minutes. The washing bucket has a dimension of 256 x 209 x 355 mm. Briefly about the purpose of this device, in case that doesn’t mean anything to you. Objects that are printed with a resin 3D printer must then be cleaned (with IPA) and cured under UV light. Cleaning by hand is annoying, drying without a special UV lamp is time-consuming and less thorough. With devices like the Wash & Cure Plus, you can have both done more or less automatically.


If you already have a DLP 3D printer or are planning to buy one, now is your chance. Because to introduce the Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus, Anycubic is once again organizing a discount campaign. From April 16-22, the company is selling the first 1,000 stations for USD $169 instead of USD $249, with a whopping 30% discount.


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