AOHI Magcube 30W PD Mini Fast Charger: Charge your iPhone 6 times faster with the smallest charger ever


We all are in need of our mobiles or digital devices. This means that either we must often charge them or to have a really big battery to support a hard day of usage. Unfortunately, very little devices offer this option, so charging is the next thing that we must do. This automatically means that we must keep with us a charger. Now, chargers are usually big, heavy and in many cases the original charges are slow, very slow and we need our device! For such cases a mini fast charger like the AOHI Magcube 30W is an essential option to have.

The AOHI Magcube 30W, is a USB-C Mini Fast PD Charger. Is compact and lightweight, designed to be carried even in your pocket. It offers 30 watts of USB Type-C power, so you can quickly charge your mobile. In comparison with a normal apple charger, it can charge your iPhone 6 times faster, something very good and important when you are looking for some life in your mobile. It also features an efficient gallium nitride (GaN) chipset.

The packages was small, since and the charger is small in dimensions. With no problem from the customs, the box that came to me, had on the front side an image of the charger, with the name of the company and the name of the company. On the back you could find some info about the charger  and at the sides,

Opening the package, inside you will find the AOHI mini charger, a welcome guide and a customer service. The mini charger is made out of matte black plastic. The small square box is very solid made, doesn’t get dirty from fingerprints and is very easy to clean if needed. The shape is not absolute square, but rectangular with rounded corners and edges, a clever design that eliminates hard edges and makes the case more durable. The sides, top and bottom of the case are completely smooth as you can see in the images. The name of the company “AOHI”, is printed in large silver letters on both sides. The front has a diamond structure with a horizontal led at the top and a Type-C USB port at the lower side. At the bottom you will find the specs of the charger. The dimensions of the charger are 2.8cm wide, 3.2cm high and 3.2cm thick. It weights less than 42.5gr, so carrying it even in your pocket is an easy thing to do!

The led on the front top side of the charger, changes color depending of what is doing at the moment. So if you see a yellow light, this means that is fast charging your device. If the color is blue, then the device is charged in normal speed. If it is green, then you have trickle charging. If you check my video you will see how the charger reacts with my Xiaomi 12 Pro that supports Super fast charging and the volts that pass through it.

The charger came to me without cable, so have in mind that you must have a Type-C to Type-C cable or depending what charging port you have. AOHI has an option where you can order the charger with a cable at a light higher price.

As the company says, the Magcube can deliver up to 30W, which is 5 times more from a standard apple charger. If you see an everyday android charger, usually they deliver up to 12W, which is 2.5 times less from the power of the AOHI Magcube mini charger. Of course not all devices can support the 30W, but more and more new devices are hungry for power and watt. In my video, Xiaomi 12 Pro is the most hungry in the market, since it can support up to 120W charging, so 30w is nothing for it, but can absurd the whole power and use it.

AOHI Magcube, except from power is taking under consideration and safety, something very important I thing for a charger. Sure I would like to explode in my face or next to my mobile and destroy it! AOHI for the Magcube 30W, the circuits inside are made from gallium nitride (GaN), a material initially used for solar panels. If you check, all good and expensive chargers are made from GaN and this because they are very efficient with less electricity wasted.

One more thing to mention here, if you check the eshop at the Amazon where you can find it or their e-shop, Magcube from AOHI is mention as PD mini charger. PD (Power Delivery), it means that the USB port that the charger has has the ability to deliver up to 100W if needed, Now, for the charger, you will need a special cable as the one I have for my Xiaomi 12 Pro that can support up to 120 or 100W and the I don’t know if the Magcube can give that power, since is mentioned as 30W. So I guess by this way the company wants to tell us that we must not fear, as the port supports much more watt from 30!

Check and my small video where I charge my Xiaomi 12 Pro with the AOHI Magcube 30W. Don’t forget to Like and share the video as and subscribe in our YouTube channel.

You can find the AOHI Magcube 30W PD charger either in Amazon or in their office here.


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