Aomway Goggles V1 Head-mounted FPV Glasses


Have you imagines what it is like to fly freely in the sky, look around the city the way a high flying bird does. Well stop imagining and start experiencing cause we may have something that could turn your wildest imagination of flying into reality, the Aomway Goggles V1 FPV Head mounted Glasses. Great thing to add here is that we have added a coupon using which you can get a discount.


These glasses or Headset is a unique way of looking through your quadopter’s camera as if  you are riding inside it. The Goggles enable First Person Video in Virtual Reality making it surreal experience.



The device is unique and can display video of resolution 800 x 640 NTSC/PAL. The device offers 300cd/meter of brightness over a screen of 5 inch. The headset can work for 30 – 60 min and has adjustable audio.



iGeekPhone is offering a discount coupon on this product if you are interested to buy it  use : IGEEKV1 here and get this device for a price of just $66.99. You may want to do it quickly before the stocks last.


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