Apple Car Rendering: Magnetic Wireless Charging, Synchronized With iPhone 12


However, the outside world is still very concerned about Apple Cars, that is, Apple Cars, and at the same time, they have created a set of rendering design drawings to share with you here. In fact, the renderings of the Apple Car have also been exposed a lot, but they are all designed to look like sports cars. But the Car in this set of renderings is designed as an MVP, a six-seater car.

In terms of appearance, the headlights of the Apple Car use a design that penetrates the front of the car, and an Apple logo is designed above the headlights, and a daytime running light is also designed at the position of the air guide below the front of the car. The pedals on the left and right of the car can be expanded and contracts and are also designed as a green atmosphere light.

Apple Car has designed multiple radars at the front of the car. These radars are connected to the navigation system of Apple Car to realize unmanned driving technology. And Apple Car does not have a traditional rear-view mirror, and there is no streaming rear camera, so Car is an out-and-out self-driving car.

As an Apple Car developed by a high-tech company, it is of course impossible to use fuel as a fuel, so Apple Car is a new energy vehicle and relies on electricity as its power. The charging method of Apple Car draws on the design principle of magsafe magnetic suction wireless charging of iPhone12. A charging pile is placed on the ground. When charging is needed, the Car can be driven to the top of the charging pile. This charging method is not required. The battery replacement method is slightly different from that of some domestic new energy vehicles.

When the Car drives to a specific location, the charging pile on the ground can be connected to the battery through magnetic force, and wireless fast charging can be performed after the docking is completed. Apple Car’s battery uses fast charging technology, so it takes about 4-6 hours to fully charge. During the charging process, the charging device will show a green ambient light. In order to allow the car owner to view the charging status more intuitively, Car The side pedal will display the color of the ambient light of the charging pile in real-time, which is green.

Does the wheel design of the Car look very familiar? The tire design is reminiscent of the cheese grater design of the Mac Pro body. Apple Car tires use a porous design, which is different from traditional linerless pneumatic tires. Apple Car tires have multiple round holes to achieve the purpose of shock absorption, and they are not easy to leak and puncture during driving. These designs are full of A sense of technology.

As a self-driving Car, it can be linked with iPhone12, and the locomotive system is iOS. Apple Car’s navigation and vehicle information, etc., can all be synchronized with iPhone12, and many switches can be turned on or off by iPhone12.

Although the Apple Car is a new energy vehicle, it can travel 1,000 kilometers when the battery is fully charged. It only takes 3.5 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers, and the top speed can reach 260 kilometers per hour. Of course, like a self-driving car, Apple Car is the most important to be able to interact with iPhone12, because, in this way, the Apple Car is included in the ecosystem of iOS. What do you think of the Car rendering design? Will there be sales if it goes public?

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