Apple has patented a new foldable phone that automatically folds when dropped to protect the screen


Apple has been granted a new patent for a foldable phone that will automatically fold the screen of an iPhone/iPad when it is in a falling state to minimize screen damage, according to a new listing published by the US Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO).

The new patent is called “Self-retracting Display Device and Technology for Screen Protection Using Drop Detection,” and part of the patent description reads:

Mobile devices with foldable and scrollable displays can use sensors to detect vertical acceleration (for example, acceleration relative to the ground) to determine if the device is in a falling state.

If sensors detect that a mobile device has fallen, the foldable device can be at least partially retracted to prevent the fragile display from hitting the ground.

The release mechanism of the hinge connection between the first and second displays of the electronic device is activated when the vertical acceleration exceeds a predetermined threshold. The reel device retracts automatically.


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