Apple iOS 12 Unveiled: All the News of the New Operating System For iPhone and iPad


Apple has just announced iOS 12 in the recent Keynote for WWDC 2018. The new operating system for iPhone and iPad takes the same graphical interface as the previous one, a sign that for this type of changes we will have to wait again. Probably 2019. The company has nevertheless prepared a series of innovations.


A great deal of optimization work has been carried out under the hood. The company has made its operating system more responsive, so much so that now the camera starts up to 70% faster, the keyboard appears at double the speed and in general, you can enjoy an increase in performance of 40 %. All thanks to the management of the processor, for peaks of calculation from the first moment, to open the app with twice the speed.

ARKit 2.0

Developers will enjoy the new version of the augmented reality framework. A new open file format called USDZ was created, created in collaboration with Pixar. This will allow you to better manage items between apps. For example, you can send a 3D object in the Messages app. ARKit will now allow you to share experiences displayed on multiple devices, detect objects and track images.


In addition to new Animoji, such as those of the ghost, koala, tiger, and tyrannosaur, now there will be the Memoji. These are customizable characters with hair, skin color, accessories and other distinctive characters. You can create your own personal Memoji or those inspired by friends.

The Animoji become even more precise: they recognize the wink and the movements of the tongue. Using the camera you can use Memoji to create fun videos, or take advantage of the new filters, add text, stickers and much more.


Apple’s well-known video chat service, which is used by other users with an Apple device, is extended to group video chat. You can add users during the conversation. The floating window graphic interface will put the interlocutor talking at that time in the foreground. FaceTime allows you to make group video calls up to a maximum of 32 people.


Apple has made its digital assistant smarter. Thanks to Shortcuts it will be possible to use Siri in any app. Siri will understand the actions available in the app and will suggest taking care of some aspects. The company has also modified Workflow, purchased a few months ago, renaming it Shortcuts.

This app will allow you to create flows of operations between apps and integrates with Siri. A series of APIs will allow you to use Siri and Shortcuts for very advanced voice-managed functions.


A more in-depth use of machine learning provides a Moments section, which is now called “For You”, for more effective results. Once you get a moment it will be possible to share it faster. For example, you can create a shared album for a specific event, like a party, where more people can add their photos. The search engine inside the photos becomes more precise, to search among the images with more precision.

Do not disturb, Notifications and Screen Time

Apple has provided new tools to combat notifications and excessive use of the smartphone. Do not disturb, for example, it activates itself if the phone in the evening is being charged and on a flat surface. These, when they arrive, will not emit light so as not to wake the user. You can activate the “Do Not Disturb” even for a certain time or if you arrive in a place.

A new interface combines notifications by the application. These can be silenced by collection, or all together. You can also manage notifications with Siri, asking not to play certain notifications.

The Screen Time function resumes a request made for a long time: the ability to understand how much time we spend on the smartphone, with detailed charts on the most used apps. Using the parental controls, you can also set a maximum time of use for an app or the time at which to block the use of certain apps. A notification will notify when the maximum time of use is about to expire.

For example, we can decide not to spend more than 1 hour a day on Facebook. After that time, the app will no longer be accessible. A final report helps you understand how we use the phone, or how our children use it.


Apple has integrated an intelligent antitracking system . Sites will not be able to collect usage data for certain actions and widgets. For example, it will not be possible to collect data on likes and shares if the user does not want it. An improved privacy management system will also advise the user not to use the same passwords for all services, generating new ones and remembering them with iCloud.

Health Records

The company has released another group of APIs to enhance the Health app. Apple wants services and apps to converse to create an ecosystem useful for fighting diseases, managing nutrient plans, diagnosing diseases and more.

The Health Records function has the support of 500 hospitals in the United States, to access data and enter admissions information. Users will have everything they need in their iPhone or iPad. Data can also be collected independently for medical research.

Other features

iOS 12 brings many improvements. We can gather some together. For example:

  • There’s a new design for the iBooks app most like the App Store.
  • The new app for Apple News.
  • New Borsa app, now also for iPad.
  • CarPlay will allow you to install third-party apps, such as navigation maps like Google Maps and Waze.
  • New design for the Memo Vocali app, with synchronization of the vocal notes between the various devices.
  • Siri’s translations expand to 40 languages.
  • Support for university campus badges (perhaps only in the United States).
  • The SMS with disposable codes to be included in the app will arrive directly in the field where you need to write the codes.
  • The Battery app shows the average use of the last 10 days.

Apple iOS 12 is available in beta right away for developers. The public beta will arrive during this month. It is compatible with iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air, iPad Pro, 5th generation iPad, iPad mini 2, iPod touch 6th generation. The final version is expected in September.

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