Apple Watch Series 3 Comes Out to Sell $399 (Hands on Review)


Yesterday Apple released iPhone X, Iphone 8/8 Plus, but also the new generation of Apple watch, Apple Watch Series 3,  although Apple watch is quite expensive, and Apple has not announced its sales, it becomes the first global smartwatch brand. Apple watch users has got 97% good feedback.

Apple Watch 3 finally has brought 4G LTE network, it is built in eSIM card, supporting most popular network carrier, which can make it have network everywhere, and get rid of phone to use phone call function.

Apple Watch 3 is powered by dual core processor, but it improves 70% performance and 50% power efficiency, and its thickness also adds 2.5mm, as for battery life, according to its official, it can support up to 18 hours battery life. but we know if the watch connects the network, it will affect its battery life a lot.

As for functions, it can support phone calling directly, GPS, Imessage, Wechat, and other apps, it includes Apple Music up to 40 million, and the screen of the watch has LTE and UMTS antenna, adding Altituder, which is suitable for skating and climbing.

Apple Watch Series 3 offers many kinds of shell and straps, adding Hermes and gray ceramic version, The Apple Watch Series 3 starts at $330 without LTE, and $400 with LTE. China will be first country available to sell. It will start to preorder until September 15, and ship from Sept. 22.


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