Apple Watch Series 8 to prompt more smartwatch gambling


With preorders now being accepted for delivery of the new Apple Watch, demand and attention on smartwatches is building. The new Apple Watch Series 8 features a significant upgrade with a temperature sensor and car crash detection.

The smartwatch appears to have a broadly similar overall look and more time is required to assess what’s under the hood, but while smartwatches are generally perceived as wellness devices, it appears to be more prevalent for use at online casinos.

A casino on your wrist

Online casinos have become phenomenally popular and slot gaming is one of the main reasons people regularly visit sites such as Paddy Power. The majority of online slot games provide engaging and enjoyable themes, narratives, and symbols. The ease of use is one of the main factors contributing to the popularity of online slot games for real cash. There are many different games to choose from, and there aren’t many rules to learn in order to get started.

It now seems inevitable that as a device progresses, people start looking for how they can use it to play games. Playing casino slot games on such a small screen might seem to some the preferred method of play. Casino game developers are focused on wearables and while the world of VR generates excitement, there’s definitely a market for smartwatch optimization. Games have been scaled down and modified to take advantage of key smartwatch capabilities like touch sensitivity. Because they offer straightforward controls, slots are the perfect game for the smartwatch, particularly if you’re trying to play surreptitiously. The controls of a slot are simple with a bet choice and a spin option the only two buttons you actually need to keep the reels spinning.

Smartwatch gambling is still a very young sector and you might find a number of games unavailable at the moment. But as more individuals are tempted by the latest smartwatches, this novel form of mobile gambling will improve and the casino giants are known for recognizing shifts in consumer behavior.

Woman with pepito suit using smartphone” (CC BY 2.0) by shixart1985

Casinos and mobile optimization

There was once a time when people thought gambling on mobile phones wouldn’t work due to the size difference between mobile devices and PCs. Casino game developers were quick to realize mobile optimization was a game changer and began to reduce everything in size while also deleting the side widgets to save space and concealing prominent menu items like bonuses and promotions.
The work behind the scenes to make the latest complex casino games, particularly those with live dealers and complex multipliers, available on almost any brand of smartphone is remarkable. When we consider the glitchy online casinos that began to emerge in the 90s, what we have available on our phones now would have been unthinkable then. Gambling on the go has taken giant leaps forward.

Mobile gambling has significantly altered the sector and drawn both new and seasoned players. Those online casinos that recognized the potential of mobile gambling have gone on to become market leaders while those that didn’t implement mobile optimization quick enough were dead in the water, could the same be true with smartwatch gambling?


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