Apple’S iPad OS 16 Launches with Epic multitasking Enhancement with 16GB RAM


Apple held its WWDC 2022 developer conference, where it introduced the new iPad OS 16.

The iPad OS 16 series supports Stage Manager to multitask like never before, making it faster and unlocking full support for external monitors.

Multitasking on the iPad now lies flat on the desktop, while the console scheduler displays recently used apps to the left, allowing users to switch between them with a tap. It also supports arranging all Windows the way the user wants.

Apple said it will continue to make its iPad apps more desktop-friendly this year, optimized for larger screens.

Meanwhile, support for virtual memory swapping has been added to iPad OS 16, which means that iPad storage can be used as a running memory for apps, providing up to 16GB of RAM for the most demanding apps.

The Files APP has also received a major update, finally allowing you to change file extensions, view folder sizes, and more.

IPad OS 16 brings a new way to collaborate with others, a new APP Collaboration that makes it easy to transfer files, even initiate collaborations, make multi-person video calls, and more.

IPad OS 16 has a new brainstorming APP called Freeform, which is perfect for brainstorming. Apple says it’s so flexible and convenient that the only limit to it is your imagination. In the APP, you can throw pictures, videos, files into it, and even preview files and watch videos.

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iPad OS 16 also introduces more beautiful weather features, such as slow-moving clouds, heavy rain and snow, and all modules can be accessed with a tap to access detailed information.


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