Aqara D100 Intelligent Sliding Lock Released For Just $273.99


Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Lumi Lianchuang released its first automatic sliding lock Aqara D100 Intelligent Sliding Lock. The original price was 2,299 yuan, and the initial listing price was 1,799 yuan. 

The Aqara automatic smart sliding lock D100 uses an IML black crystal panel and an integrated handle design. The simple appearance also incorporates a very textured breathing signal light.

It is different from the existing push-pull locks on the market. It integrates a fully automatic lock body to realize a new door opening and closing experience of one-touch (automatic unlocking) and closing and walking (automatic locking).

The Aqara automatic intelligent sliding lock D100 upgrades the product from the popular “backpack motor” on the market to “true automatic”. The transmission device of the sliding lock is embedded in the lock body, which greatly improves the response rate of the lock body.

In comparison with the time of unlocking and opening the door, it takes about 4 seconds to unlock the ordinary handle mechanical lock body, while the sliding door lock of the “backpack motor” takes about 3 seconds to unlock, but the Aqara automatic intelligent sliding lock D100 only takes 1 second to unlock about.

Aqara automatic smart sliding lock D100 has 7 unlocking methods including fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, temporary password unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, HomeKit unlocking, emergency key unlocking, and NFC unlocking.

Fingerprint unlocking is currently the most widely used method of unlocking. The D100 fingerprint module is cleverly integrated into the handle and can be automatically unlocked by natural holding. It also uses 3D semiconductor fingerprint recognition, combined with the Swedish PB company’s financial-grade fingerprint detection algorithm, with a recognition rate of 98.6%, effectively rejecting fake fingerprints.

Aqara automatic smart sliding lock D100 supports Apple HomeKit and Xiaomi Mijia App and can be used with a wealth of smart home devices for scene linkage.

At the same time, D100 is also equipped with an Apple MFI chip and Xiaomi MJSC security chip. All door lock communication information is encrypted point-to-point, which is more secure.

The Aqara automatic intelligent sliding lock D100 is equipped with a straight-in C-level lock cylinder, which penetrates the lock body. Even if the front panel is damaged, it is still a safe mechanical lock, and the lock cylinder level is the highest level of safety in the industry. The security level goes further.

D100 uses a fully-detected electronic lock body and is equipped with 4 smart sensors, which can monitor the status of the door lock in real-time, such as unclosed, closed, virtual cover, locked, and abnormal.

The D100’s main control chip is placed on the rear panel to avoid electronic interference and prevent the small black box from unlocking. There are more than 7 industry-leading safety designs such as anti-cat eye buttons, anti-tailing design, and panel tamper-proof switches.

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Aqara automatic smart sliding lock D100 supports standard lock body installation and is also compatible with Bawang lock body installation. Provide a free warranty of 3 years, and the first home installation is free.


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