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A division of Xiaomi, Aqara, introduced the second model of the smart electronic lock of the “N” line – Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock N200. Like the first model, Anara N100’s new lock can be integrated into both Xiaomi’s MI Home smart home system and Apple’s HomeKit system.

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The design of the Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock N200 is also equipped with a Class C cylinder for opening doors with a mechanical key. If, as a result of breakdowns or other technical problems, opening the lock in other ways is impossible, the presence of a cylinder will allow you to unlock the door with an ordinary key. The fastest and most convenient unlocking method is Fingerprint Unlock. The touch key is designed right on the door handle with a size of 192×192 mm, 30% larger in area than other common door locks. The key surface is protected by scratch-resistant, scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

Fingerprint Sensor

Xiaomi Aqara N200 is equipped with 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology, multi-dimensional identification, and data collection of ridges, from which to calculate, process, and map fingerprints. After that, the fingerprint will be encrypted as a unique Serial number, which is sure to be unique and cannot be confused with other fingerprints. Moreover, the fingerprint sensor is increasingly accurate thanks to its self-learning and self-improvement ability.

Unlock with Key

The keyless unlocking method gives you peace of mind to handle any emergency or unexpected situations. Class C key core is the highest level lock core in terms of security and safety, with an extremely complex structure, bad guys can’t fake the key, or break the lock from outside influences. In addition, smart sensors that open and close the door, and door latch sensors will notify you in real-time to help you feel more secure about home security.

Absolute Security

Mijia and Apple are two of the world’s leading brands that have collaborated to create a dual security chip, encrypt information, and combine the most modern technology, bringing the Xiaomi Aqara N200 Door Lock product with safe security. absolute. Even sophisticated lock-breaking “tricks” can’t break through this multi-layered defense.


Unlock the Aqara N200 lock with a Xiaomi phone or wristband equipped with NFC technology. The NFC chip of the lock has passed EAL6 information security certification.


The lock is compatible with the Apple HomeKit and MI Home Smart Home system. Control the lock remotely, add users, create passwords, set up your Smart Home scenarios, view the visit log, and much, much more, including an alarm about an unauthorized access attempt. Full control and no surprises.

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