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Soocas H5 Hair Dryer is an innovative dry-drying anionic hair dryer that takes care of your hair. This dryer has an elegant design with a powerful 20,000 rpm. engine, a large 10 million. negative ion concentration and many applications. The added accessories will allow you to style your hair comfortably.

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The Soocas H5 fits perfectly in your hand, and is extremely comfortable and light – it weighs only 510 g, which is as much as a simple bottle of water. Forget the heavy appliances that make hair drying a difficult and tedious challenge. The H5 also stands out with its stylish, futuristic design. Enjoy a functional and elegant device that will take care of your hair. H5 is equipped with a long, 1.7-meter cable. You no longer have to dry your hair in one awkward position – too short a cord will not strain you. Use the hairdryer as you want. You turn it on with one button and set the speed with the other. The LEDs on the housing will provide information about the current operating mode. All this makes the H5 dryer simple and easy to use. Thanks to the high concentration of anions, your hair will become smooth, shiny, and moisturized. With SOOCAS H5 you will also forget about split ends. Use the amazing power of negative ions and enjoy a beautiful hairstyle.


The powerful motor, 6 fan blades, 1800 W power, and the spiral design of the air outlet – all ensure fast, effective, and even operation of the dryer. Thanks to this, you will quickly dry your hair without the need to expose it to the harmful, damaging the hair cuticles, and hot air. This practical solution will keep your hair in excellent condition.

LED Indicator

To control the operation of the hairdryer, there are buttons and LED indicators on the handle that provide information about the selected temperature mode. In total, 3 commands are available to the user for comfortable hair drying.

4 Modes

The Soocas H5 allows you to work in 4 modes. With its help, you can dry your hair with a quick or slow stream of warm air. You can also choose the natural gust of wind. The circulation mode allows the device to dry for 5 seconds warm and then for 3 seconds cold, which ensures a quick effect of well-dried, yet refreshed hair, whose volume will delight you. You can freely switch between modes and adapt the operation of the dryer to your needs – soon you can enjoy healthy, smooth hair.


The flux density of negative ions reaches approximately 30 million per cm³. This voluminous flow removes static electricity from the hair and makes it softer and more manageable, and helps to retain moisture in each strand.

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